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Low Energy Compressor Dehumidifiers

Our fantastic range of low energy compressor dehumidifiers are designed to be used in homes and offices to reduce moisture levels in the air. We design our dehumidifiers to work quietly, efficiently and cost-effectively - and our customers love them - our compressor dehumidifiers are frequently featured on 'Best Buy' lists and several have a prestigious 'Quiet Mark' for their quiet operation. 

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With energy bills being at a record level the last thing that you want is a dehumidifier that is going to cost you a fortune to run, Meaco dehumidifiers won't! We have designed our dehumidifiers to use as little energy as possible and to give you significant savings in your electricity bill when compared with other brands.

So although our dehumidifiers may sometimes cost a little more to buy than cheaper alternatives, you are going to save money many times over through cheaper electricity bills during your many, many years of ownership. 

Within our range of low energy compressor dehumidifiers we have the ABC range which offer our quietest solutions, we have our Low Energy range which offer H11 HEPA filters as well as being the original low energy dehumidifiers, and new for 2021 and 2022 we have our flagship Arete range, which are the best dehumidifiers we have ever made.

Compressor dehumidifiers are an essential piece of home equipment if your home suffers from too much moisture in the air. This is a problem particularly in the winter months, when activities like cooking, hot showers and drying laundry indoors all add to the moisture levels - often creating problems with mould and damp. Air that isn't dry enough can also be full of allergens, which can cause problems for people with breathing or allergy issues. So it makes sense to find a way to remove moisture from the air, improving air quality and general comfort.

This is a great option for most homeowners because you can set the humidity level you want to achieve, plug in the unit and let it get to work for you. All you need to do is empty the bucket when it gets full. It's a very cost-effective way not just to remove moisture, but also to reduce your other energy bills - when your air is full of moisture, your central heating has to work much harder to get to temperature, so reducing moisture from the air should have a knock-on effect on your general heating costs.

If you're struggling with mould, damp or health issues that you think are down to the quality of air in your home, consider investing in a compressor dehumidifier. We have a great range to choose from and lots of positive customer reviews to help you make the best choice.


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