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MeacoDry Arete® Two 20L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier



Two-in-one excellence for your home environment. This is the second generation of Arete®, Europe's best-selling dehumidifier - quite simply our best combined dehumidifier and air purifier ever, now with more control. 

  • Ideal for 3-5 bed houses, even below 10°C
  • The smartest Meaco dehumidifier yet
  • Control via the new Meaco app
  • Our fastest and cheapest laundry drying dehumidifier
  • Whisper quiet - at just 38 dB
  • Running costs from just 5p / hour*
  • Five-year warranty included

*Our lowest cost to run dehumidifier yet! We know how important it is to buy a dehumidifier that benefits your home without increasing your energy bills, that is why we have created Arete® to be the most energy efficient range of dehumidifiers, find out more here.

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Designed for 3-5 bed houses and for powerful extraction of moisture, the MeacoDry Arete® Two 20L follows the acclaimed Arete® One series. Now, with a whole host of new features to make dehumidification even easier including the new Premium LCD display.

What are the differences between the MeacoDry Arete® Two and the Arete® One?

There are a host of new and exciting features on our Arete® Two model:

  • A unique, premium, LCD ‘Chase’ display
  • App and voice command enabled (Google and Alexa)
  • Engineered with a high air volume DC motor moving up to 50% more air 
  • An additional Laundry Busting fan speed with proportional control (255m³/h airflow)
  • Less noise, less energy
  • Manual louvre
  • ON/OFF and adjustable laundry timers
  • 'Turn Me On’ WET Indicator
  • Optimum Relative Humidity Heart indicator 
  • Visit the Arete® One and Two compared tab for an in depth look at each model

Meaco app new for 2024

While preserving the popular features and functionality of Arete® One, you now have the control from the palm of your hand. The Arete® Two range is the first Meaco dehumidifier with app integration and voice command with your favourite smart speakers including Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

It’s all in the engineering

Designed by our team in the UK specifically for the British climate, Arete® Two proudly showcases a unique chase display, highlighting the current mode, humidity levels, target humidity, on/off timer and more. Easy to interpret, all the essential information is elegantly presented at a single glance so no more pressing through the buttons to check the target humidity.

Beneath its sleek casing, the Arete® Two uses an advanced DC Motor, providing a 50% power increase and a third high speed fan for faster and cheaper drying. Despite this boost in performance, it maintains efficient energy consumption and minimal noise output. 

High efficiency and low cost to run were crucial to engineering the entire Arete® range and Arete® Two is no exception. In fact, it is even more efficient than its predecessor the Arete® One with the Arete® Two 20L costing only 5p/ hour to run.

Efficient laundry drying

A standout feature of the Arete® Two is its exceptional performance in laundry drying, surpassing other Meaco dehumidifiers in speed, airflow and cost-effectiveness. With its adjustable louvre and additional fan speed option, the Arete® Two is our fastest and cheapest laundry drying dehumidifier yet.

Combined air purifier capabilities

The Arete® Two is not just a dehumidifier; it is a combined air purifier. Equipped with a free medical-grade H13 HEPA filter and dust filter as standard, it purifies the air while dehumidifying a room, creating a healthier environment. 

For additional versatility, Arete® Two dehumidifiers feature an independant Air Purification Mode when you don't need dehumidification. This discreet function pushes the room air through the HEPA filter, ideal for tackling seasonal allergies like hay fever. You can also remove smells and volatile organic compounds from the air by using a charcoal filter. This versatility makes the Arete® dehumidifiers a great year-round appliance.

For dehumidifier spares, including HEPA and Charcoal filters, find more here.


We are so confident in the design and durability of Arete®, it is the only Meaco range to come with a free 5 year warranty.


Arete® One 20L

Arete® Two 20L
Dimensions (HWD)618 x 366 x 272 mm618 x 366 x 272 mm
Weight15 kg15.1 kg
Premium LCD ‘Chase’ DisplayNoYes
Fan Motor TypeAC MotorDC Motor
Fan speedsLow fan speed: 145m³/hour
High fan speed: 160m³/hour

Low fan speed: 150m³/h

Medium fan speed: 175m³/h
High fan speed: 255m³/h

Noise level 38 and 40dB(A)38, 40 and 50 dB(A)
Cost to run5p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh5p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh
On/ Off TimerNoYes
Timer options on Laundry ModeNoYes
“Turn Me On” Wet IndicatorNoYes
Optimal Humidity Heart IndicatorNoYes
Warranty5 years5 years

A unique, premium, LCD ‘Chase’ display

Starting with the unique premium LCD chase display, you can see all the information you need at a glance: current humidity, target humidity, recommended humidity, current mode, timer, WET indicator, tank full icon and WiFi/app pairing. This is the first dehumidifier of its kind to offer a premium LCD digital display to show your humidity data, offering you more control than ever. The big advantage with the Chase display is that you can see, at a glance, the room humidity, your target and your progress to the optimum humidity.

App and voice command enabled

Arete® Two is our first app-enabled dehumidifier meaning you can control every setting from the palm of your hand! Change the mode, check the humidity level or adjust the fan speed while you dry laundry in the utility room, without having to move away from the sofa. Already in bed and forgot to set the dehumidifier to Night Mode? No problem! And because Arete Two® can now communicate via your phone, you can also link to Google Home and Alexa and even set up rooms. “Ok Google, turn on the kitchen dehumidifier”, “Alexa, change Arete® to Laundry Mode”. It’s that easy!

Engineered with a high air volume DC motor: Less noise, less energy

In terms of functionality, Arete® Two has been engineered with a DC motor, the same whisper quiet motor we use in our fans. This means in ‘high’ fan speed can move up to 50% more air whilst using less energy; meaning it’ll dry your laundry faster whilst using the same amount of energy.

An additional Laundry Busting fan speed with proportional control

With the DC Motor at the centre of the Arete® Two design, it offers you additional laundry busting fan speed as well (now 3, instead of the standard 2) with proportional control, providing a gentle acceleration and deceleration between modes. Say goodbye to clunky noises and hello to more power for less energy, vital when drying laundry at home or for rapid dehumidification.

Manual louvre 

Drying Laundry has never been more efficient, thanks to this additional fan speed and manual louvre. Using the louvre to direct airflow onto your laundry will reduce drying times as a result of the targeted airflow. 

ON/OFF and adjustable laundry timers

The ON/OFF and adjustable Laundry Mode timer in Arete® Two also allows you to set a timer between 1 and 12 hours depending on what laundry you have hanging on the clothes airer; choose a shorter timer for small loads of underwear, and a longer timer when drying towels or bedding. With Arete® Two, you have more control, saving you time and energy; it has been developed to work around you and your needs better than ever before.

‘Turn Me On’ WET Indicator and Optimum Relative Humidity Heart indicator

In addition to the new features already listed, Arete Two® has been designed with a “Turn Me On” WET and Optimal Humidity Heart Indicator. A simple solution to showing you when you need to switch your dehumidifier back on! If you’ve turned the dehumidifier off after doing a load of laundry or whilst you’ve been away for the weekend, Arete Two® tells you that the humidity level has significantly risen above your normal target and that you should turn it back on. You’ll see “WET” appear on the display and you’ll know to switch it back on to continue optimising your home humidity. The heart indicator shows the optimum relative humidity for the average home in the UK, at 55% RH, you’ll see a little love heart on the display telling you that this is the best target humidity to set.


Take a look at MeacoDry Arete® One 20L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier






15.1 kg

Dimensions (HWD)

618 x 366 x 272 mm


R290 / 65g

Noise level

38, 40 and 50 dB(A)

Power supply

220-240 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption at 20 °C and 60 % RH

207 watts

Approximate electricity costs

5p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh

Operating temperatures

5 °C - 35 °C

Filter Type

Dust filter & H13 HEPA filter included

Tank size

4.8 litres

Variable humidistat

Between 40 % RH and 70 % RH

Maximum airflow

Low fan speed: 150m³/h

Medium fan speed: 175m³/h
High fan speed: 255m³/h

Compatible with the Meaco app


Voice control

Alexa and Google

Premium LCD display




Fan speeds


Smart humidity mode


Smart laundry mode


Air purification mode


Night mode


WET indicator


Optimum target humidity indicator


Water tank full indicator



On and Off timer between 1-24 hours

Auto-shut off




Child lock




Continuous drainage option

Yes (hose/pump not included)

Wall mountable


Room conditions

Maximum water withdrawal


10 °C and 60 % RH

3.35 litres per day

176 watts

20 °C and 60 % RH

8.50 litres per day

207 watts

30 °C and 60 % RH

13.90 litres per day

255 watts

10 °C and 80 % RH

5.90 litres per day

180 watts

20 °C and 80 % RH

13.85 litres per day

217 watts

30 °C and 80 % RH

20.45 litres per day

271 watts

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MeacoDry Arete® Two 20L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier