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Our award-winning fans are stylish, quiet and affordable. They'll sit happily in your home, cooling the air around you, helping you to work, play and sleep in comfort. Our range of pedestal fans, electric desk fans and portable fans has been designed to look great in your home, be incredibly easy to use and give you great value for money.

Our fans have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Ideal Home and Trusted Reviews, and have been awarded a Which? Best Buy and Quiet Mark status for their near-silent operation.

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    A fan for everyone

    Stay cool with our stylish range of fans. No more noisy ceiling fans, or paying hundreds of pounds for a fan that doesn't cut it. Instead, choose Meaco's high quality cooling fan collection - desk fans, pedestal fans and portable fans that are designed for a cool, easy life.

    Our powered fans come with a range of features, including low energy cooling, optional night lights, super-quiet operation, timer function and multi-direction air flow. And there's a fan for everyone, with our MeacoFan 260 Personal Air Circulator - the smallest in our range - up to our MeacoFan Sefte® 10" range, which can create an incredible relief from the heat, even up to 40°C. So, whatever type of fan you are looking for, we have a fantastic fan for you!


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    The wait is over! We have officially launched the new MeacoFan Sefte® range. These new models are our most powerful, yet quietest and most energy efficient fans.

    Ever wondered which fan would best suit you and your home? As the summer warmth is here to stay, we explore the different fan options! There are a lot of similarities between the different fans available but we often have different demands when it comes to where we’ll use them

    The British summer has finally arrived and due to the El Niño weather pattern, we may be seeing higher temperatures than normal in the coming months. This fluctuation in the Earth’s climate system occurs every few years, causing drier winters and warmer summers in Europe. 

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