Desk Fans

Our award-winning fans are powerful, quiet and affordable. We have a range of desk fans, perfect for a home office, kitchen top, bedside table and even for home workouts.

We know more and more of us are working from home and are in need of a cooling option during the summer months. You’ll need a fan which can deliver high performance with minimal disruptive hums and whirs. We are delighted to have earned numerous awards and positive reviews for our fans which is testament to our dedication to high performance, low noise and low energy.



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    We know our customers are increasingly prioritising peace and quiet at home: a quiet night’s sleep, a focused work from home day. We also know that customers are seeking out fans that can deliver high performance...

    Ever wondered which fan would best suit you and your home? As the summer warmth is here to stay, we explore the different fan options! There are a lot of similarities between the different fans available but we often have different demands when it comes to where we’ll use them...

    In the UK, we love a bit of sun and warmth, but a long-lasting heatwave can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. So it’s important to know how to keep your house cool. Let’s look at some ways you can keep your house cool in summer temperatures...

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