Pedestal Fans

Our award-winning fans are stylish, quiet and affordable. We have a powerful range of pedestal fans: the MeacoFan 1056P and the MeacoFan Sefte® Pedestal Air Circulator.

Pedestal fans offer a great cooling solution for the family and are becoming more and more versatile with each iteration. With the additional height, these air circulators move air over furniture and directly to where they’re needed: over the arm of the sofa while watching TV on a hot summer’s evening or over the bottom of the bed to cool you down at night.

In terms of versatility, the PolePower technology in the MeacoFan Sefte® Air Circulator gives you a 3-in-1 fan. It allows you to change the heights from full height pedestal, to medium height, all the way down to a table top fan. Perfect for any scenario, whether that's working out on the peloton with Sefte® at full height, or moving Sefte® to your bedside table for a good night’s sleep.

These fans are also a great option when you’re lacking in table space, they can stand at floor level and still reach to cool yourself and your family.



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