MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator + FREE Storage Bag


Award-winning, super-quiet, energy-efficient fan for bedroom and general home use. With a Quiet Mark award and described as ‘whisper quiet’, the 1056 is the natural choice for energy-efficient air circulation that keeps you reliably cool through the night.

  • Ideal for bedrooms and large living spaces
  • Costs less than 1p / hour to run (based on 22.36p / kWh)
  • Quiet Mark accredited - at just 29 dB
  • Which? Best Buy
  • Two-year warranty

Free storage bag included, worth £19.99, exclusive to

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Your perfect ultra-quiet room fan – right here

We design the products that we’d want to use in our own homes. That’s why the MeacoFan 1056 not only gives you superior air cooling by moving 1065 cubic metres of air each hour. Its multi-directional operation means the air bounces off your walls and ceilings, keeping everyone in the room cool – not just the person next to the fan. Once the air is circulating, you can turn the fan right down and your room will stay cool.

It’s also quiet. Very quiet. We know that the drone of fans can drive you crazy – especially when you’re trying to sleep. So we’ve aimed to design near-silent fans for bedrooms, studies, sitting rooms – anywhere in your home where you need cooler air but less noise. In fact, the fact that our fan is so quiet is one of the reasons it consistently gets top ratings from customers.

Design-led for contemporary living

Our fans work brilliantly, and they look great in your home too. Our elegant, contemporary design and operation means that your fan will fit perfectly into your home alongside all your other design-led devices. We’ve even incorporated a magnetic holder in the centre of the fan to hold your remote control – the perfect solution.

Like all great products, the 1056 is designed to be useful and beautiful. Complete with its faux-leather carry handle, this is the perfect fan for quietly, reliably keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Also ideal for homeschooling, remote working and home gyms or exercise rooms, this fan really hits the spot.

Using the latest technology

We’ve used our engineering expertise to develop a family of quiet fans that deliver great air circulation performance. We use DC technology, which has already proven its worth in our award-winning dehumidifiers, so we know how good and reliable this technology is. It made perfect sense to use this technology for our fans because it offers:

  • Low noise levels
  • Low running costs
  • Longer lifespan

We’ve tested the noise created by this fan, and it comes in at 29dB. This is extraordinarily quiet for a cooling fan – compare it, for example to a whisper.

What do reviewers think?

“We loved the breeze created by this fan. It’s pleasant, refreshing and strong enough to keep you cool in a muggy atmosphere.” Which?

"Meaco’s MeacoFan is quickly becoming a rising star in the world of cool." Metro

"Despite all this power the fan is near silent yet manages to offer near-360-degrees of air circulation, even when placed out of the way against a wall. By using both the vertical and horizontal oscillation you find that air is pushed off all the walls and even the ceiling so the entire room feels refreshed … somehow this beautiful beast also manages to remain cheap to run making it one of the best room-cooling options out there right now, especially at that affordable-for-what-you-get price." Ideal Home

"UK based Meaco is best known for its range of excellent dehumidifiers. Well here’s the result of its first attempt at making a bog-standard fan – and it’s bloody brilliant. The bods at Meaco have clearly thought this one through and created what is arguably the greatest fan ever invented at a price that is ridiculously cheap.” T3


All MeacoFan products come with a two-year warranty, as well as the option of extending warranty to five years.

Dimensions (HWD) 403 x 285 x 305 mm
Cable length1.6 m
Weight3.2 kg
Air flow17.76 m³ / min
Air volume1065.6 m³/min
Noise levelFrom 29 dB
Warranty2 years
Power consumption8-24 watts
Voltage12 volts
Running costsLess than 1p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh
Remote control battery typeCR2025
Horizontal oscillation angles80°
Vertical oscillation angles60°
Powered byMains lead

Carry handle
Magnetic remote control
12 fan speeds
On and Off Timer (1-12 hours)
Normal mode
Eco mode
Dim display lights
Horizontal oscillation
Vertical oscillation

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MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator + FREE Storage Bag