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We have been involved with dehumidifiers since 1991 and can offer you over 30 years worth of experience to ensure that you find the right dehumidifier. Whether you need a dehumidifier for your flat, your house, your swimming pool area or for a complication commercial application we have the knowledge and product range to help.


Our dehumidifiers have more won more awards than any other dehumidifier brand in Britain. Not only that, but we are very proud to have sold over 1 million dehumidifiers. Reaching a milestone like this is a testament to the quality of products we deliver and the care we take with our customers' needs.


    The benefits of dehumidifiers

    We have a wide range of dehumidifiers - both compressor and desiccant - to meet all your needs. These units help to tackle problems with damp and mould and can be used to maintain healthy relative humidity levels in any room of the home.

    Removing excess moisture from the air can make a significant difference to your life. Too much moisture in the air means more likelihood of damp and mould - anyone who has experienced condensation on windows or mould on bathroom tiles can relate to this. Using a Meaco dehumidifier means you can be in complete control of moisture levels, helping to reduce those classic problems and also giving you a better quality of life. That's because all our dehumidifier units also contain an air filter, so as the air is drawn into the unit, it passes through a filter, removing particles, helping to purify your air and create much better breathing conditions.

    We sell ranges of both main types of dehumidifier - desiccant and compressor. In general desiccant dehumidifiers are most often used in cooler environments, such as garages, cellars and workshops, because they are more efficient at lower temperatures. Compressor dehumidifiers are more likely to be chosen for use inside the home, applications where air purification and dehumidification is required, and in commercial applications where large amounts of water need to be extracted from the air.


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