Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier


Desiccant dehumidifiers are popular where people want a quieter, lighter dehumidifier or where the space is cold and would benefit from some warmth. If your application is below 10°C then desiccant is definitely the best choice.

  • Costs just 7p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh on fan speed 1
  • Suitable for flats & up to 5 bedroom houses
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers are popular in colder homes, under 10°C
  • One of our best buys
  • Two year parts and labour warranty


Straightforward, functional dehumidifier

This is a great dehumidifier for household use, giving you real value for money with up to 80% reduction in running costs, quiet operation and our unique intelligent control logic system. It’s also a highly reliable unit that uses the very best domestic dehumidification technology available today.

  • Absorption technology - no refrigerants or gases
  • Reduces or eliminates mould spores, condensation and other damp issues
  • 8 litres a day extraction, which is equivalent to a 16 or 20 litre compressor dehumidifier
  • Up to 80% less energy consumption
  • Unique intelligent Meaco control logic system
  • Small and lightweight
  • Very quiet operation
  • Suitable for all applications
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Great for drying washing

Why we are revolutionary

It has been standard within the industry for desiccant dehumidifiers to always run their fan continuously, regardless of the relative humidity. They do this so that they can react to rises in relative humidity and start to dry the air again.

This provides a level of accurate dehumidification that is over-kill for domestic applications, however. The alternative provided by most compressor dehumidifiers is for the dehumidifier to turn off when the relative humidity target is reached. This saves energy but does mean that the dehumidifier potentially misses increases in relative humidity and could allow organic materials in the home to absorb the excess moisture and mould to grow.

The Meaco DD8L provides the best possible solution to this problem.

When the target relative humidity is reached, the unit runs its fan for five minutes to check that all is OK and then it turns itself off to save energy. Thirty minutes later the fan turns back on and samples the air again for five more minutes. If the relative humidity has increased above the target, it starts dehumidifying again: if the relative humidity is OK it goes back to sleep again for another 30 minutes. In a well-sealed home this will mean that the fan will run for just 10 minutes an hour instead of 60, using just 1/6th of the power of other desiccant dehumidifiers.

This gives you the perfect balance between protecting your environment and keeping costs to a minimum.

This Meaco exclusive control logic is available on the Meaco DD8L, the whole Low Energy and ABC range, the Meaco DD8L Junior and the Meaco DD8L Zambezi and only Meaco make desiccant dehumidifiers that do this.

As a desiccant it also doesn't mind low temperatures which means that it is perfect for looking after areas that are likely to be colder, such as caravans, camper vans, boats, garages, cellars, classic cars, motorhomes, holiday homes. Boat owners in particular will appreciate the lack of castors on the unit, so it will not roll around on board.

Still more features

The DD8L has a Laundry mode to dry your washing faster and to prevent the condensing water from the clothes from doing any damage around the home.

It is also fitted with an anti-bacterial filter and an ioniser to help keep the air cleaner, which is especially important homes where family members suffer from allergies.

Importantly, the DD8L allows you to select a quiet fan speed independent of the relative humidity that you might wish to select.  This ensures that the DD8L will stay in quiet mode whenever you want absolute quiet, for example at night, so that your sleep or peace is not disturbed.

Finally, the DD8L turns off when the internal bucket is full and the bucket itself has a splash proof cover to make sure that not a drop is spilt as you pour the water away.

There is also the option to mount your dehumidifier to the wall - ideal for offices, studios, garages and laundry areas. Find out more here

What do reviewers think?

The Meaco DD8L is small but mighty - and very versatile.'- Which?

'Ideal if you're looking for a versatile dehumidifier that you can use in both heated and unheated rooms. This lightweight, compact, dehumidifier is very portable, works brilliantly in a range of temperatures and is quiet compared to many'- Which? 


Like all our units, the DD8L comes with a two year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option of extending the warranty to five years.

Compressor or Desiccant?


Extraction Rate at 20°C and 60%rh

7.5 litres per day



Dimensions (HWD)

500 x 351 x 188mm

Noise Level

39 / 43 / 48 dB(A) depending on running mode

Power Supply

220-240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption at 20°C and 60%rh


Approximate Electricity Cost

7p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh on fan speed 1
15p / hour based on 22.36p / kWh on fan speed 2 and laundry mode

Operating Temperatures

1°C - 40°C

Filter Type

Anti-bacterial dust filter

Tank Size

2 litres

Variable Humidistat

Between 40%rh and 60%rh

Maximum Air Flow

80 / 100 / 115m³/hour depending on fan speed

Digital Display


Automatic Lourve

No (manual)

Fan Speeds


Meaco Control Logic


Laundry Mode


Auto Restart


Child Lock


On Timer


Off Timer

Yes - between 1 and 8 hours


Yes (can be switched on & off)

Ozone Rating


Continuous Drainage Option

Yes - hose not included

Hose Dimensions (for continuous drainage)

8 x 11mm 

Room ConditionsMaximum Water ExtractionWattage
20°C and 60%rh - fan speed 13.5 litres per day330 watts
20°C and 60%rh - fan speed 2 and laundry mode7.5 litres per day650 watts

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Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier