Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier


Helps prevent condensation, mould, and damp issues

The current version of the Meaco DD8L Junior represents the very best domestic dehumidification technology available today. 

  • Low-running costs - just 8p / hour based on 24.5p / kWh (on fan speed 1)
  • Quiet desiccant drying system - at 39 dB 
  • Particularly popular for boats, garages and workshops
  • Winner of the PBO & Sailing Today tests
  • Two-year warranty


This is a great value dehumidifier that offers excellent performance and quiet operation. It’s proven to reduce or eliminate mould spores, condensation and other damp issues and helps to improve the quality of the air you are living or working in.

  • 8 litres a day extraction, which is equivalent to a 16 or 20 litre compressor dehumidifier
  • Running costs from 8p / hour based on 24.5p / kWh on fan speed 1
  • New easier graphical control panel
  • Up to 80% reduction in running costs
  • Intelligent Meaco control system
  • Small and lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Great for drying washing

We have introduced technology that reduces the time that your dehumidifier needs to run, helping to lower your energy use and ensure that the unit is only working when it needs to. Instead of running continuously, or just turning off when the target relative humidity is reached, the Meaco DD8L Junior runs for five minutes when the target is reached and then turns itself off. After 30 minutes, it turns on again, re-checks the target and either runs again until the target is reached, or turns itself off again if everything is fine. It repeats this process every 30 minutes, so your unit is only running for 1/6th of the time of a standard unit, keeping your costs to a minimum.

A useful, value-for-money unit

Dry your laundry with the DD8L Junior Laundry mode, which dries your washing faster and prevents water from the clothes from doing any damage around the home.

You can also select a quiet fan speed, independent of the relative humidity that you might wish to select.  This ensures that the DD8L Junior will stay in quiet mode whenever you want absolute quiet, so you can use it overnight without disturbing your sleep.

And, importantly, the DD8L Junior turns off when the internal bucket is full and the bucket itself has a splash proof cover to make sure that not a drop is split as you pour the water away.

There is also the option to mount your dehumidifier to the wall - ideal for offices, studios, garages and laundry areas. Find out more here


This dehumidifier comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty, which can be extended to five years.

Compressor or Desiccant?


Extraction Rate at 20°C and 60%rh

7.5 litres per day



Dimensions (HWD)

500 x 351 x 188mm

Noise Level

39 / 43 / 48 dB(A) depending on running mode

Power Supply

220-240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption at 20°C and 60%rh 


Approximate Electricity Cost

8p / hour based on 24.5p / kWh on fan speed 1
16p / hour based on 24.5p / kWh on fan speed 2 and laundry mode

Operating Temperatures

1°C - 40°C

Filter Type

Washable dust filter

Tank Size

2 litres

Variable Humidistat

Between 40%rh and 60%rh

Maximum Air Flow

80 / 100 / 115m³/hour depending on fan speed

Digital Display


Automatic Lourve

No (manual)

Fan Speeds


Meaco Control Logic


Laundry Mode


Auto Restart


Child Lock


On Timer


Off Timer

Yes - between 1 and 8 hours



Continuous Drainage Option

Yes - hose not included

Hose Dimensions (for continuous drainage)

8 x 11mm 

Room ConditionsMaximum Water ExtractionWattage
20°C and 60%rh - fan speed 13.5 litres per day330 watts
20°C and 60%rh - fan speed 2 and laundry7.5 litres per day650 watts

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Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier