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Dehumidifiers for flats and small homes


Small Dehumidifiers

Portable small dehumidifiers are ideal for both home and office use. Designed to fit easily into flats and small houses but offer great performance, our range of small dehumidifiers has become increasingly popular with customers who want to control damp and moisture-heavy areas but also value good product design and great looks.

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    Small but powerful!

    We see a lot of demand for our small dehumidifiers. That's because they are perfect for individual rooms, flats and small houses, are really easy to move around, simple to use and give great results. Dehumidifiers are designed to remove excess water from the air, helping you to prevent damp and mould. You can choose from compressor dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers.

    Compressor dehumidifiers draw in the air and then pass it through a filter and then over cold coils. The coils condense the moisture in the air and the condensation then drips into an internal tank that you can empty when it's full. The air is then reheated to room temperature and pushed back out into the room. So you remove moisture and improve heating - both of which can help to reduce your energy bills.

    Desiccant dehumidifiers work slightly differently. The air is drawn in and passed through a wheel that contains a desiccant material - often Zeolite. This material absorbs the excess water and the drier air is returned to the room. The moisture is either collected in a tank or sent straight to the drainage system via a hose.

    All our small dehumidifier have a carry handle to make them easy to move around your home or office. Cheap to run, you can often make energy bill savings when you use a portable dehumidifier, and additional features like integrated HEPA filters on some of our small dehumidifiers mean that the units also work as air purifiers, removing allergens, dust and other particles from the air, leaving you with a drier, healthier environment.


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