MeacoDry ABC 12L Dehumidifier


Transform the comfort of your home with our Quiet Mark award dehumidifier

Our must-have MeacoDry ‘ABC’ 12L dehumidifier makes a huge difference to houses and flats that suffer from damp or condensation.

  • Low energy costs at 4p / hour based on 28.62p / kWh
  • Quiet Mark – our quietest dehumidifier at just 36dB
  • Ideal for environments with damp and condensation
  • Reviewed as a Which? Best Buy
  • Suitable for flats & 1-3 bedroom houses
  • Two-year warranty


Looking for a compact dehumidifier that’s cheap to run, quieter than other models and makes a real difference to the comfort and humidity of your home? Then check out our 12L MeacoDry ‘ABC’ home unit.  Awarded a Which? Best Buy, Meaco's 12L ABC unit is stylish and easy to use.

Costing just 4p per hour (based in 28.62p / kWh), customers have told us how quickly this unit makes a difference to the humidity in their home, drying out the air and making for a much more pleasant place to live.

This size of unit is especially useful in smaller homes and flats because of its size and Quiet Mark award-winning operation. Wherever you use it, you’ll find it won’t disturb work, play or sleep.

Easy to use, and multiple features

Because we understand that you don’t want a huge, complicated and inflexible dehumidifier in your home, we’ve designed the MeacoDry ‘ABC’ range to fit right in with your lifestyle. The unit is easy to use, and you can set your target humidity in steps of 5%, giving you complete control. What’s more, we’ve added these great features:

  • Laundry mode – when you’re drying laundry indoors, your relative humidity will rise. On this setting, your dehumidifier will run at full speed for 6 hours to help dry your clothes and then automatically switch off to save energy.
  • Child lock – an easy way to make sure your settings are never ‘accidentally’ changed.
  • Automatic defrost – for use in lower temperatures, this feature increases water extraction whilst saving energy.
  • Automatic turn off – this setting prevents spillage when the water tank is full, protecting your home and property.
  • Auto-off timer – allows you to schedule when the appliance turns off.

    Effective, practical solution

    We know of customers who have tried all sorts of solutions to remove humidity in their property before finding the solution with the MeacoDry ‘ABC’ range. Giving you great value for money, it combines excellent performance with low energy costs and super-quiet operation, giving you the best of all worlds.

    What do reviewers think?

    'This is an excellent dehumidifier that is also remarkably quiet. It’s an excellent choice if what you need is a dehumidifier for normal house temperatures.'- Which?


    The MeacoDry ‘ABC’ range comes with a two year parts and labour warranty, and an option of extending the warranty to five years.

    Compressor or Desiccant?


    Extraction Rate at 27°C and 60%rh

    7.5 litres per day

    Extraction Rate at 30°C and 80%rh

    12 litres per day


    10.4 kgs

    Dimensions (HWD)

    463 x 300 x 250mm


    R290 / 45g

    Noise Level

    36-40dB(A) at one metre

    Power Supply

    220-240V, 50Hz

    Power Consumption at 27°C and 60%rh

    165 watts

    Approximate Electricity Cost

    4p / hour based on 28.62p / kWh

    Operating Temperatures

    5°C - 35°C

    Filter Type

    Washable dust filter

    Tank Size

    2.6 litres

    Variable Humidistat

    Between 30%rh and 80%rh

    Maximum Air Flow


    Digital Display


    Fan Speeds


    Laundry Mode


    Auto Restart


    Child Lock


    On Timer


    Off Timer

    Yes - between 1 and 24 hours

    Continuous Drainage Option

    Yes - hose not included

    Hose Dimensions (for continuous drainage)

    12 x 15mm


    Room Conditions

    Maximum Water Extraction


    10°C and 60%rh

    1.88 litres per day (high fan)

    1.04 litres per day (low fan)

    125 watts (high fan)

    124 watts (low fan)

    20°C and 60%rh

    5.18 litres per day (high fan)

    4.61 litres per day (low fan)

    149 watts (high fan)

    148 watts (low fan)

    30°C and 60%rh

    8.24 litres per day (high fan)

    7.32 litres per day (low fan)

    185 watts (high fan)

    185 watts (low fan)

    10°C and 80%rh

    3.73 litres per day (high fan)

    2.62 litres per day (low fan)

    128 watts (high fan)

    127 watts (low fan)

    20°C and 80%rh

    8.31 litres per day (high fan)

    7.21 litres per day (low fan)

    157 watts (high fan)

    157 watts (low fan)

    30°C and 80%rh

    12.1 litres per day (high fan)

    10.5 litres per day (low fan)

    204 watts (high fan)

    202 watts (low fan)

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