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Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier (is a Which? Best Buy 2016)

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    Our best selling desiccant dehumidifier designed with the help of our customers! 

    What others have been saying

    “possibly the world’s best dehumidifier”
    "definitely recommend 5/5"
    “something quite special”
    “I am really, really impressed with this unit”

    • Possibly the World's Best Domestic Dehumidifier
    • Which? Best Buy 2016
    • Three years of planning & development
    • Uses ideas direct from customers
    • Six World Firsts
    • Perfect for all applications
    • Wildlife Charity Tie-Up

    Good Housekeeping Magazine Tried and Tested said -"The Meaco DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier impressed us by scoring well at extracting moisture from an outdoor environment, so it's ideal for garages or other outbuildings. It is nice and lightweight, so it's also easy to move about with the added help of a carry handle."

    This is probably the best domestic desiccant dehumidifier in the world.


    The DD8L Zambezi offers more functionality, more control and more options then any other domestic dehumidifier on the market today.

    So What Makes the DD8L Zambezi Special?

    The DD8L Zambezi is the result of three years of intense development and sees the incorporation of several ideas that have come directly from customers themselves. It offers more options that any other dehumidifier and an attention to detail never seen before.

    Zambezi has 6 World Firsts, these are:

    • The first domestic desiccant dehumidifier to have a digital display
    • The first to have a Sterlising Ioniser
    • The first have the exclusive Meaco Energy Saving Laundry+
    • The first to have the Meaco Turn Me on function
    • The first to have the unique Meaco 20+ Control
    • The first to have a Daily Run Timer, On Timer and an Off Timer

    The Digital Display

    Having the display provides simplified access to a wealth of features requested by customers during the design process for Zambezi

    • Displaying the room relative humidity and temperature
    • Selecting your target relative humidity in 5%rh steps
    • Access to the Off Timer and an ON Timer
    • Access to the unique Daily Run Timer
    • Access to the unique Meaco Low Energy Laundry+
    • Access to the unique Sterlising Ioniser
    • Happy Zambezi and sad Zambezi on the display

    No other dehumidifier has the functions of Zambezi.

    Sterilising Ioniser

    Other dehumidifiers have ionisers but no other domestic dehumidifier has an ioniser like Zambezi! Ionisers on dehumidifiers have an effective range of around one metre and only deal with dust. Zambezi uses Sterlising Ioniser+ technology clinically proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, mould, odours and germs over a 10m range. No-one other domestic dehumidifier in its class has the air cleaning functionality of the DD8L Zambezi.

    Dust Mites

    The Meaco Energy Saving Laundry+

    When you set other desiccant dehumidifiers into ‘Laundry Mode’ they just run continuously at full wattage (circa 650 watts), it is just really a relabelling of the continuous function.

    Zambezi is clever than that and continuously monitors the amount of moisture in the air around your clothes and will vary its electricity usage between 650, 350 and 40 watts to ensure that your clothes are dried as cheaply as possible.

    No other dehumidifier dries clothes like Zambezi.

    The Meaco Turn Me On

    Zambezi wants to protect your home and should you turn the dehumidifier off but leave it plugged in to the mains and the relative humidity in the room goes above 70%rh (when mould grows) Zambezi will ask you to turn him on in order to bring the humidity back down to a more comfortable and mould free level.

    No other dehumidifier looks after your home like Zambezi.

    The Meaco 20+ Control

    If you leave your dehumidifier and then walk away if you have put it on the wrong setting and the relative humidity increases then there is nothing that can be done. Worse still if you leave your dehumidifier to look after your garage, boat, caravan or holiday home then the room will suffer until you finally return, possibly too late to prevent damage by mould, rust or damp.

    Zambezi looks after your belongings by increasing its fan speed if the relative humidity increases 20%rh above your set point to protect your treasures.

    No other dehumidifier things like Zambezi.

    The Meaco Timer+

    The feature that customers really wanted. Not just an off timer, but an On Timer, Daily Run Timer and an Off Timer, giving you complete control over when Zambezi turns on or off and allowing you to control your electricity consumption completely.

    Want Zambezi to turn on and off at a particular time each day – no problem. Want Zambezi to turn on 2 hours after you have gone to bed – no problem. Want Zambezi to turn off 4 hours after you left it to dry the laundry – no problem.

    No other dehumidifier gives you complete control over time like Zambezi.

    More Great Features Include

    • Child Lock
    • Super condenser to increase dehumidification
    • Anti-mould coating on the water tank
    • Patented anti-blockage system
    • Class leading safety features

    The Charity Tie Up

    With the Meaco DD8L Zambezi we wanted to incorporate all of the features that customers have requested over the years and to make the dehumidifier more interesting by incorporating some personality into the machine. If we were to do this with an elephant then we felt very strongly that we should make a £2 donation every time a Zambezi is sold to help conserve elephants in the wild.

    This is how the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation got involved and we are grateful to acclaimed wildlife artist Jonathan Truss for his drawings of the happy and sad Zambezi that you see on the control panel.

    By purchasing this dehumidifier you are buying the most advanced and flexible dehumidifier that we have ever produced and you will be helping the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and their Elephant Orphanage in Zambia.

    So whether you need a dehumidifier for a flat, some help to dry your washing, a dehumidifier to prevent damp in a large house, one to look after your garage, boat or caravan then Zambezi is quite simply the most advanced dehumidifier that you could currently buy.

    Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier (is a Which? Best Buy 2016) Features

    Stylish design
    Large digital display
    Child Lock Facility
    1 - 24 hour off timer
    Digital display to show you the current room reading
    Unique Meaco control logic that saves money
    Anti-bacterial filter
    Automatic, motorised lourve
    Reduces mould spores and condensation
    Suitable from Flats to 5 bed house
    New easier graphical control
    Unique Meaco 20+ control
    High humidity turn me on indication
    Low energy laundry drying mode
    Intelligent laundry drying
    2 year warranty
    Low noise level
    Cleans the air


    Extraction Rate Data

    Room Conditions Maximum Water Extraction Wattage
    20°C and 60%rh - fan speed one 3.9 Litres Per Day 351 Watts
    20°C and 60%rh - fan speed two 8.0 Litres Per Day 656 Watts
    20°C and 60%rh - fan speed three 8.3 Litres Per Day 661 Watts
    10°C and 60%rh - fan speed one 3.9 Litres Per Day 351 Watts
    10°C and 60%rh - fan speed two 6.6 Litres Per Day 656 Watts
    10°C and 60%rh - fan speed three 7.5 Litres Per Day 663 Watts

    Technical Overview

    Compressor or Desiccant? Desiccant
    Approximate electricity cost 5.32p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh at 351W and 10.03p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh at 656W
    Power Consumption 45/350/660 watts
    Noise level 41/45/50dBA at one metre
    Air Flow (nominal) 85/105/150m³/h (3 fan speeds)
    Humidistat Yes (40-70%rh in 5%rh steps)
    Meaco Control Logic Yes
    Auto restart Yes
    Child Lock Yes
    Electronic controls Yes
    Fan Speeds Three
    Filter Yes - Anti-bacterial
    Laundry Mode Yes with Laundry+ to save electricity
    Lourve Yes plus right and left deflectors
    Digital Display Yes
    Ioniser Yes, sterilising ioniser
    Ionisation rate 6 x105m³
    Off Timer On/Off and Daily Run Timer+
    Continuous drainage option Yes and hose supplied in the box
    Tank 3 litres with anti-mould coating
    Operating Temperatures 1......37°C
    Ozone rating 0 - 0.5ppm
    Power Supply 220-240V / 50Hz
    Dimensions (HWD) mm 548 x 358 x 200mm
    Weight 7.8Kgs

    Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier (is a Which? Best Buy 2016)

    Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier (is a Which? Best Buy 2016)