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Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier/Air Purifier (is a Which? Best Buy)


Which? Best Buy dehumidifier for the past three years and part of the exclusive Platinum Range of compressor dehumidifiers. 

  • Helps to prevent condensation, mould, and damp issues
  • Multi Award Winning Dehumidifier
  • Low Energy Dehumidifier that leads the way to lower bills
  • Free HEPA filter to help clean the air
  • Air purifier mode for summer use
  • For cellars, medium to large homes and archives
  • Part of the exclusive Meaco Platinum Range
  • Two year parts and labour warranty
  • Option of extending warranty to five years

Currently top of the Which? Dehumidifier Best Buy Table having first been tested in 2014.

DehumidifierReviewHQ said - "It’s hard not to be impressed with the Meaco 20L Platinum. It literally sucks water from the air and had no problem dealing with the harsh test conditions we put it through. It is really easy to use, comes packed with energy saving features and can be left to run virtually unattended. When compared to other refrigerant dehumidifiers we believe this one comes out on top and, because it is backed by Meaco’s fanatical support, is a perfect buy which you can have complete confidence in."

The most common question that we get asked by customers is 'How much does it cost to run a dehumidifier?', a reflection of the cost of electricity in Britain these days. We have always made our dehumidifiers as efficient as possible to keep costs to a minimum and now with the Platinum Range of dehumidifiers we have taken this to a whole new level.

With this 20 litre in particular the savings can be huge, over £100 per year.  Just compare it's power consumption of 255 watts with other 20 litre models on the market and you will start to see that the difference is considerable.

Unusually for a compressor dehumidifier the 20L Low Energy is an excellent performer at low temperatures as well, something that was noted in the Which? review.

The optional HEPA filter is proving to be very, very popular with customers. It is the only type of filter that you can buy with a dehumidifier to remove allergens smaller than the eye can see from the air, such as pollen, dust mites, mould spores and pet dander.

The Platinum Range was tested at a leading international independent laboratory in Hong Kong against the most up to date standard and it passed the highest possible level. To achieve this standard of excellence we had to make sure that each individual component was of the highest quality to maximise efficiency. This means that we can confidently say the Meaco Platinum Range creates a new benchmark and their proven quality sets them apart from the rest of the market.

There are three models in the range: a 12L dehumidifier, this 20L model and the 25L dehumidifier, all which offer lower running costs than their peers.  The Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier is top of the Which? Best Buy table two years running and was Best on Test in a Scandinavian test as well. It comes with a two year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option to extend warranty to five years.

  • Number one dehumidifier in the Which? dehumidifier tests.
  • The cheaper way to combat mould, condensation and damp in medium to 5 bedroom houses.
  • 20 litre dehumidifier.
  • Air purifier mode for spring/summer use.
  • Cleans the air with a HEPA filter to remove allergens.
  • Just 255 watts rated power consumption - 3.88p/hour based on 15.32p/kWh.
  • Comes with one free HEPA filter.
  • Unique Meaco control logic that saves money and improves performance*.
  • Digital display to show you the current room reading.
  • Variable humidistat from 30 to 80%rh is 5%rh steps.
  • Automatic, motorised louvre to direct the dry air through a wide angle.
  • 1 - 24 hour off timer.
  • Child lock facility.
  • Strong carry handle.
  • Easy glide castors.
  • Delivered price for mainland UK.

The HEPA filter has proved to be a very popular extra.  The filters are called True HEPA filters which means that they conform to international standards and capture 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3µm or larger.  This makes a huge difference to those that suffer from allergies and also will prolong the life of your dehumidifier.  There is one free HEPA filter in the box so you can try it out to see if you feel the benefits.

*The unique Meaco control logic means that you get the best balance between saving money and accurate dehumidification.  When the target relative humidity has been reached the dehumidifier will switch to fan only mode to check that the relative humidity is stable.  It will then go to sleep for 30 minutes at which time it will wake up and run it's fan again to check the relative humidity once more.  If the relative humidity has risen above the set point then the dehumidifier will start to operate again.  If the relative is ok then the dehumidifier will go back to sleep again for another 30 minutes.  This process saves a lot of money on electricity, especially when compared against dehumidifiers which keep their fans running permanently regardless of the level of humidity in the room.

We are very proud of the Meaco Platinum Range and we feel that as a specialist dehumidifier manufacturer this is exactly what we should be doing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and then challenging the industry to come and join us in designing and supplying dehumidifiers that move the technology forward and make the answer to 'How much does it cost to run a dehumidifier?' - 'A lot less than it used to, especially if you choose Meaco!'.

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier/Air Purifier (is a Which? Best Buy) Features

Low Running Costs
Energy efficiency
Just 255 Watts rated power consumption - 3.88p/hour based on 15.32p/kWh
Child Lock Facility
The cheaper way to combat mould, condensation and damp in medium to 5 bedroom houses
Digital display to show you the current room reading
Unique Meaco control logic that saves money
High quality low energy design
Popular in 3 - 5 bedroom homes
Can Dry Laundry
Very quiet - only 46dB
Automatic, motorised lourve
Reduces mould spores and condensation
Low temperature hot gas defrost function
2 year warranty
Best of the Best


Extraction Rate Data

Room Conditions Maximum Water Extraction Wattage
5°C and 60%rh 1.4 Litres Per Day 173 Watts
10°C and 60%rh 2.50 Litres Per Day 153 Watts
15°C and 60%rh 4.80 Litres Per Day 199 Watts
20°C and 60%rh 7.60 Litres Per Day 216 Watts
25°C and 60%rh 9.60 Litres Per Day 243 Watts
30°C and 60%rh 13.20 Litres Per Day 270 Watts
5°C and 80%rh 2.40 Litres Per Day 177 Watts
10°C and 80%rh 5.10 Litres Per Day 159 Watts
15°C and 80%rh 7.92 Litres Per Day 209 Watts
20°C and 80%rh 12.80 Litres Per Day 228 Watts
25°C and 80%rh 15.84 Litres Per Day 260 Watts
30°C and 80%rh 19.70 Litres Per Day 294 Watts

Technical Overview

Compressor or Desiccant? Compressor
Approximate electricity cost 3.88p/hour based on 15.32p/kWh
Power Consumption 255W
Noise level Maximum 45dB(A)
Air Flow (nominal) 160m³/hour
Humidistat Yes, from 30 to 80%rh in 5%rh steps
Meaco Control Logic Yes
Auto restart Yes
Child Lock Yes
Electronic controls Yes
Fan Speeds Two
Filter Yes - with the option of a HEPA filter (one free in the box to try)
Laundry Mode Yes
Lourve Yes - motorised
Digital Display Yes
Ioniser No
Off Timer Yes
Continuous drainage option Yes - hose not included
Tank 6 litres
Compressor type Rotary
Operating Temperatures 5....35°C
Power Supply Normal British 230V, 50Hz
Refrigerant R134a
Dimensions (HWD) mm 595 x 385 x 290mm
Weight 12.6Kgs

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier/Air Purifier (is a Which? Best Buy)

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier/Air Purifier (is a Which? Best Buy)

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