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Air Conditioners

Meaco's range of portable air conditioners is perfect for keeping your home or office comfortable. Energy efficient, simple to use and easy to move around your home, these air conditioners are a great choice for home owners and office managers.

A sleek, modern design, intuitive controls and efficient performance means you can completely control the air temperature in the rooms in your home, giving you a better working, sleeping and living environment.

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    Free standing air conditioners and air con units

    Our fantastic range of air conditioners help to cool homes and offices, removing heat from the air to bring the temperature down to comfortable levels. Highly energy efficient and very easy to use, this is an ideal way of controlling the humidity in all rooms - our air conditioners are portable so you can cool any room at any time. Some of our units also dry the humid air as they cool, removing that horrible, sticky feeling that is so uncomfortable when it's very hot.

    Even our lowest-price air conditioner unit has an energy rating of A and uses R290 refrigerant, which is kinder to the environment. With a remote control for easy temperature changes and timers that make sure you're only using your air conditioner when you really need to, helping you be more energy efficient.


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