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Portable electric Heaters for the home & office



Electric heaters are an efficient and affordable way to keep you warm at home or in the office. Particularly great for home offices, or when you only need to heat one or two rooms without turning on the central heating, our portable electric heaters are designed to warm up quickly and work cost-effectively, giving you a fantastic additional heating option for your home or office.

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    MeacoHeat 2.0kW Heater


    Portable electric heaters from home and office

    If you're looking for an efficient way of heating your home, our electric heaters are the ideal solution. Electric heating is a great option for people who only want to heat a small area of their home - and for people looking for office heaters too. Our electric heaters are designed to be efficient and affordable heating solutions, giving you peace of mind whilst heating your home or office.

    Our range of electric heaters are standalone, rather than wall-mounted, giving you complete flexibility to move the heater around your home or office, allowing you to continue heating your home whichever room you're using. Even better, our electric heaters are motion-sensitive, so they turn on automatically when someone enters the room and turns off again when they leave. With safe heating elements, fast warm up for near-instant heat and an oscillating fan to give you even heat distribution, these are a great option for keeping your home warm during the winter months.


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