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MeacoCool MC Series 9000


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Multi-mode portable air conditioner that keeps your energy bills down. Look no further for an energy-efficient, quiet and fully portable air conditioner this summer

  • Suitable for rooms between 16-26m²
  • Removes humidity by drying the air as it cools
  • Energy Rating A - helping to keep your bills down
  • Uses R290 refrigerant - kinder to the environment
  • Two-year warranty

Free flexible window kit included, worth £19.99

Quiet, efficient cooling systems

No-one wants a loud, heavy air conditioning unit in their home. For rooms that get particularly hot, such as conservatories, home gyms, loft conversions and bedrooms, or for office spaces that need to be comfortable to work in, a MeacoCool 9000 is the perfect fit.

Much quieter than other air conditioning units, and using the new R290 refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly, our whole air conditioning range is designed to be hard-working but not get in your way. Our range of air conditioners all have an Energy Rating of A, meaning you can run them without worrying about your bills.

Cooler air, anywhere

All our air conditioners are on castors, making them easily portable from one room to another, so you can cool whatever rooms you need at your own convenience and with just a single unit. We’ve also added some useful features – a timer allows you to set the unit to cool even when you’re not there, ensuring that you come back to a bedroom, office, conservatory or reception room that’s at just the right temperature.

We’ve also incorporated a Sleep Mode, which lowers the fan speed and the noise level, helping you to sleep more comfortably at all times of the day. And our air conditioners remove hot, humid air from your room, and that reduced humidity means the air is dry and not sticky. The MeacoCool 9000 is suitable for all rooms of around 16-26m². A simple remote control puts you in charge without having to get up and move around. The 9000 model has four modes: cool, fan, dry and sleep.

Keeping your air conditioner near a window - window kit options

Air conditioning units are most effective when the duct can be positioned outside a window. This expels any excess heat outside and the unit doesn’t have to work as hard.

The MeacoCool comes with two types of window kits: the standard window kit and the flexible window kit. The standard window kit is suitable for sash windows, whereas the flexible window kit is suitable for all types of windows. The use of a window kit prevents warm air from outside entering the room, making the cooling more efficient.

The window kit included measures at 170cm and therefore if you're trying to cover a sliding door, there will be a small gap at the top. Alternatively, you can purchase a flexible door window kit here.

The MeacoCool comes with a 1.8m duct, this is suitable for most applications however if you need a longer duct, a 2m one can be purchased here. Ducts cannot be extended past 2m due to overheating.


All Meaco products come with a two-year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option of extending the warranty to a total of five years.


A return charge of £30 will be deducted from refunds on all non-faulty air conditioner returns within 14 days of delivery.

Cooling capacity

9000 BTU / 2.64 kW


23.5 kgs

Dimensions (HWD)

701 x 350 x 348 mm

Duct length

1.8m / 71"

Duct diameter

15cm / 5.9"

Approximate electricity cost

25p/hour based on 24.5p/kWh

Energy rating


Current (nominal)

4.5 A


R290 / 180g

Maximum airflow

325m³ / hour

Approximate room size

16 - 26m²

Noise level

52 dB in low fan speed

54 dB in high fan speed

Moisture removal

1.2 litres / hour

Power consumption

1003 watts

Power supply

220 - 240V / 50Hz


Cool, fan, dry and sleep

Fan speeds


Off timer

Yes (1 - 24 hours)

On timer

Yes (1 - 24 hours)

Window kit type included

1 x standard window kit
1 x flexible window kit

Standard window kit dimensions

Plate A: 65cm
Plate B: 65cm
Plate C: 51cm

Total combined: 170cm

Standard window kit dimensions





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