Car fumes causing air pollutionPublic Health England recently laid bare the scale of air pollution in our cities, which is to blame for five in every 100 deaths, but as the world’s first comes into force in London, prominent journalist Edward Lucas still says he won’t go to bed without an air purifier.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph’s Lifestyle Health and Fitness pages, Edward still habitually wakes up with a sore throat and stuffed nose and starts the day with a fit of coughing. When he visits his parents’ in rural Somerset, these symptoms disappear.

Having unsuccessfully looked at quick fixes to resolve this health issue, such as eliminating household chemicals, scented candles and other unnecessary polluters from his home, and trying to remove any dust mites through a manic session of house cleaning, it was time to turn to higher technology. Courtesy of half a dozen manufacturers, Edward set about testing a range of air purifiers, to see if these made a difference.

All the devices included carbon filters which soak up poisonous gases and have HEPA filters for those lethal tiny particles that damage our health. The most modern machines use a technology called photocatalysis, which blows the nasties through a mesh of titanium dioxide, while zapping them with ultra-violet light. This is particularly good for allergens such as pollen, viruses and bacteria.

The MeacoClean 119×5

The Meaco CA-HEPA 119×5 was rated as one of his Best Buys.  To produce a product that is quiet and has effective filters is a challenge. Noise can be an issue, as to move lots of air you need a powerful fan.  Having tested the Meaco CA-HEPA 119×5 in the bedroom on night mode it was rated as “admirably quiet and effective”, with no noise or lights: important for a good night’s sleep. The Meaco CA-HEPA 119×5 will automatically adjust to the level air pollution, with six stages of filtration, including ultra-violet light.

The end result: after three weeks the results were dramatic. “Our dawn chorus of coughing has ceased, and my wife and I both note that the other has stopped snoring.”

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Meaco has two air purifier models, the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 SRP £379.99 and  MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 SRP £149.99, both ‘state of the art,’ offering a bespoke air purification experience to suit the allergy and room size. Both of which have received the seal of approval by Allergy UK.

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