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MeacoWall in QA Education Magazine’s Swimming Edition

We thought that the new MeacoWall Mounted Dehumidifiers deserved to look stylish and modern on the outside as well as being beautiful on the inside. So, after months of hard work on the interior and exterior design, it’s fantastic to see that QA Education think they look great.

Take a look at MeacoWall in QA Education Magazine’s Swimming edition here.


Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier featured in ByeMould

“If Carlsberg made dehumidifiers they would surely make Meaco dehumidifiers!”MEACO 25L DEHUMIDIFIER FRONT

Great to see Meaco’s 25L Ultra Low Energy Dehumidifier featured on the independent dehumidifier expert website ByeMould.com following on from the feature of the MeacoWall Dehumidifier Range in August.

There is a lot of praise currently coming in for Europe’s first DC invertor dehumidifier.  The 25L won a Best Buy award from gadget experts T3 Magazine and also received Good Housekeeping Institute Tried and Tested approval in 2017.  People are appreciating the fact that this dehumidifier is so versatile.  It can be run quieter than any other compressor dehumidifier at just 41dB or can dry laundry faster than other dehumidifiers in it’s high speed laundry mode making it suitable for use in a wider range of applications from flats to 5 bedroom houses and museums and art galleries.

As the days become cooler getting close to winter, leaving clothes to dry indoors will encourage mould growth as well as making your home colder and increasing your heating bills. The 25L Low Energy can be used to safely and efficiently tumble dry clothes, preventing a build up of moisture. The ‘dehumidryer’ is also a cost-effective alternative to tumble dryers, as its unique DC inverter (the first in any domestic dehumidifier) runs at just 270 watts.

Take a look at our most energy efficient compressor dehumidifier, part of the award winning Meaco range.


Damp Prevention?

Damp can cause huge amounts of damage if it is left untreated, it can effect both commercial and residential properties and the results of severe damp can cost thousands of pounds.
There are three forms of damp – rising damp, condensation and leaks.  Condensation is seen as a lifestyle issue and is generated by the way we live in our homes.  Damp prevention is a sensible option, this can be done when the first signs of condensation are spotted, such as condensation on windows or moisture on outside walls.
The best way of quickly eradicating condensation is to use a dehumidifier, a dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air and stop condensation from occurring.
Meaco are a specialist manufacturer of dehumidifiers, who supply both their own brand as well as a variety of other models to both commercial and residential property owners and tenants who need to deal with damp problems.
The Meaco website contains a wealth of information about damp, including information on the causes, the problems and the advice on the best dehumidifiers to deal with particular situations and types of property.

For more information about damp prevention and dehumidifiers visit the Meaco website.