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Learn more about what makes Sefte® an era-defining air circulator.

Air Beam Precision

Introducing, Air Beam Precision

Our engineers wanted to give users complete control over air flow direction. So we developed Air Beam Precision, a unique feature that gives you three angles of oscillation in both vertical and horizontal air flow. Select from a focused, narrow beam to deliver air precisely where you sit, a medium angle for cooling larger areas, or a wide angle for whole-room coverage.

No more fumbling in the dark

No more fumbling in the dark

Our glow-in-the-dark remote control helps you to see the control buttons easily, using a clean aesthetic and user-friendly buttons so you can orient the remote quickly – even in the dark.

Go with the flow

Go with the flow

Sefte® has both horizontal or vertical oscillation options which can be used independently to give you focused cooling, or together to give you whole-room air circulation. Our powerful air flow means you can cool every corner of the room, and our handy ‘pause’ feature means you can remotely stop the fan moving at any point to focus the air where you need it.

For life’s ups and downs

For life’s ups and downs

Sefte®'s exclusive pedestal design offers full adjustability, from floor to table, making it one of the most versatile fan designs you can buy. Our innovative PowerPole system provides stability at any height without the need for clips, buttons, or cables. With high-quality moulded plastic poles, it stands taller at full height than any standard pedestal fan.

Precision engineering and sensitive design puts a state-of-the-art brushless DC motor at the heart of our air circulator. Driving a spin speed of over 1450 RPM, our motor delivers ultra-quiet, low energy performance, time after time.

Clean and clear

Who wants to get up every time the fan needs adjusting? With a large temperature display in the middle and a fan speed dial on the outside of the display, you can see everything you need to from a distance and at a glance.

Wall-to-wall cooling

The deep blade design we use is proven to propel more air further into your room, and Sefte® delivers an astonishing 19m3 of air per minute, giving you the ultimate in cooling technology.

High and mighty

Details matter. Our unique PowerPole has been designed to allow seamless power transfer to the top of the unit, making the high display and receiver a market-leading user feature.

Do not disturb

Meaco’s trademark low noise design is fundamental to our Sefte® range, creating a cool, calm atmosphere with noise levels as low as 25dB, resulting in a whisper quiet air circulator.

The 1056, but better.

The 1056 range has won awards all across Europe and is seen as the best available on the market. Our challenge was to make the best, even better. 

We did this by listening to customers and incorporating improvements into a new design. The result is Sefte®. Quiet. Gentle and Undisturbed.

Engineered to create less noise, move more air and give the user greater control. These all new Air Circulators were designed in the UK with the customer in mind.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from our customers


Worth every penny!


Brilliant fan... works silently moving air around my home. I would highly recommend!


Very good design and very quiet. It will make the next hot spell of weather much more bearable.


Great fan and very quiet. 12 speeds and remote control very useful. Best fan I have ever used. Would recommend.


Best fan on the market!!


Service and fan great, can’t fault anything.


Fantastic fans!! Definitely recommend - very quiet & efficient.


Very good quality fan and silent on low settings, perfect for night time. Meaco seem to be a good company to deal with, with lots of help and support available should you need it.


Keeping cool and can hear the TV. What a treat to have a quiet fan. Thank you.


Probably the best fan on the market, powerful but so quiet, excellent quality you will not be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Sefte® 10” Table and 10” Pedestal are seriously energy efficient and cost just 0.1p/ hour to run. That’s just 2.4p for an entire 24 hours!

Fans cannot lower the temperature of a room, they make you feel cooler by circulating all the air in a room. Sefte® is a type of fan, an air circulator, that oscillates horizontally and vertically to bounce the air off the walls and ceiling. This is much more efficient than a normal fan as everyone in the room feels the cooling effect, rather than a tunnel of air being blown at one person. The MeacoFan Sefte® can circulate the air at a powerful 19.18 m³ / min making a great way to cool a single room.

There are 3 modes on both the Sefte® 10” Pedestal and 10” Table fans. Firstly, there’s Normal mode for complete control over fan speed, oscillation, lights, and timers. Secondly, there’s Night Mode which will switch off the display light, mute all buttons and gradually reduce fan speed for a peaceful night's sleep. Finally, there is the Eco Mode in which the fan will automatically change speed depending on the room temperature, ensuring that you're not using up valuable energy when you don't need to.

It is safe to leave your Sefte® running 24/7 if you want to. For adaptive use during the day, both Sefte® fans have hidden carry handles so you can take it with you around the home, as well as precise airflow control with Air Beam Precision technology. And with Night Mode, you can enjoy optimal cooling efficiency without unnecessary energy usage overnight, providing peace of mind while you sleep.

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