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MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kW Heater White

MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kW Heater White


"Heat only when you need it". No more heaters left on in an empty room. A new way to heat your room and save money.  Using the motion detection eye the heater will automatically turn off when their is no more movement in front of it.

  • 2.0kW MotionMove heater
  • Automatically turns on when you are close by
  • Safe PTC heating element
  • Fast warm up, warms you faster than the room
  • Oscillation for even heat distribution
  • For rooms up to circa 60m³
  • Available in white, red or black
  • Motion detection can be turned on or off as required
  • Two years parts and labour warranty
  • Option of extending warranty to five years

For rooms up to circa 60m³

Traditional heating philosophy is to heat a room to a set temperature using a thermostat to maintain the room temperature regardless of what is happening within that space – even if it is empty. Traditional central heating systems use a central thermostat to set a temperature for all rooms in the house, so a room that is used almost constantly (a living room) will be heated to the same temperature as a room that is only used occasionally (a playroom or spare bedroom).

With the new MeacoHeat Motion range of heaters you can use standalone heaters for these spaces in the knowledge that the heaters will only turn on when someone walks into the room and when they leave the heater will then turn off. Much better than having someone enter a room, turn up a thermostat to maximum and then forget to turn the thermostat down when they leave the room resulting in unwanted heat and money wasted.

Think about a conservatory or a play with a mobile heater like an oil filled radiator.  Someone goes into the room and turns the thermostat up on the heater, how many times when that person leaves the room will they remember to turn the thermostat back down and the heater off?  It is human nature to forget and for the heater to be left on, at full blast pushing up the electricity bill.

When you let the motion detector turn the heater on and off then it will never heat an empty room.

Motion detection can be turned on or off as required.

There are two models in the range available in either red, black or white.

The smaller 1.8kW heater has two output levels to save energy, a 1 - 7 hour off timer and a fan only mode for summer use.

The larger 2.0kW heater adds oscillation to the specification to distribute the heat evenly through a 60° arc.  A three level thermostat replaces the off timer to provide another level of control if you do not want to use the motion detection.

The heaters use safe PTC ceramic technology to offer a faster start-up time with almost instant heat and a reliable form of heat distribution.

Combined with a thermal cut out and a safety tilt switch the heaters are a better, safer way to heat your home or office.

All Meaco products come with a two year parts and labour warranty, and the option of extending warranty to five years.


Technical Overview

Approximate electricity cost Low level is 1000 watts which is 15.32pence/hour and high level is 2000 watts which is 30.64pence/hour. This is based on electricity being charged at 15.32pence/kWh.
Heat Output Two output levels 1000w and 2000w
Fan only mode Yes, can be used as a desk fan in summer
Noise level 38.6 / 41.0dB
Room Size Rooms up to circa 60m³
Colours available Red, white or black
Filter Yes, standard dust filter
Oscillation Yes
Off Timer Yes - 1 to 7 hours
Thermal Fuse Yes, this is an important safety feature
Tip over switch Yes, this is another important safety feature
Power cord length 1.5m
Dimensions (HWD) mm 387 x 170 x x150
Weight 2.45Kgs

MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kW Heater White

MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kW Heater White

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