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Advice on condensation

Practical Air Treatment

At Meaco we have encountered most applications before and have tried to put some of that experience that we have built up into this website. Please feel free to browse this section.

This is our old archive of advice pages, since Autumn 2011 we have been posting new advice pages on a regular basis into the blog. Over 100 pages of advice to choose from, if it is all a bit much just pick up the phone and talk to us instead! Our number is 01483 234900 and we would be delighted to hear from you.

There is lots of good information in both locations so please do spend sometime browsing through as the answer to most damp/condensation/dehumidifier problems can be found on these pages.

What actually is damp?
Help, I have condensation
What is and how do you prevent condensation?
A guide to dehumidifier basics
How to control Dust Mites and what harm do they do?
Allergies, what are they, what to do and what to buy?

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