My Weekly Magazine ran a competition to win a Meaco 12L-AH dehumidifier in a recent issue and got over 3600 entries in just one week! So congratulations to Justine Cushion, Eliane Sherwood, my_weekly_competitionGena Owens and Nigel Stokes who have all won a new dehumidifier just in time for the lower winter temperatures to help prevent condensation, damp and mould issues in their homes.

All of the competition winners were blown away with their good fortune with Justine saying that she had always wanted a dehumidifier so this was a dream come true!

The Meaco 12L-AH is the newest dehumidifier in our range and is suitable for flats and small to medium homes and as well as its good looks it is is also liked by customers because of the large digits on the display that help users read the current room readings and set the variable humidistat.

The  Meaco 12L-AH is available from specialist dehumidifier resellers online and can be found in the majority of Currys stores.



Author: Chris Michael

Chris Michael has been in the humidity business since 1989 and founded Meaco in 1991. Much of his knowledge comes from the numerous years spent working with museums and art galleries across Europe controlling and measuring relative humidity to protect the works of art. He is a regular guest speaker on relative humidity at the British Library and is always happy to pass on his knowledge in a practical way to his customers. Outside of Meaco Chris is married with four children and is very active in the local community, especially through youth sport. Further thoughts can be found on Google+ and Twitter