We all enjoy the sunshine and a bit of heat, but not when it becomes unbearably hot and humid. Uncomfortable conditions can adversely effect levels of concentration, with discomfort at night being a major concern for many.

So how can you stay cool now that the hot and humid British summer has finally arrived? With decades of experience in the air humidity industry, the Meaco team are pleased to offer their top tips:

Prepare rooms in advance of daylight 

Keep windows, curtains and blinds closed throughout the day to stop the heat from the sun warming up the room.

Think before opening a window

Only open the window when the outside air temperature is cooler than the room temperature.  Allowing in hotter, more humid air is only going to make the problem worse.

Pre-Cool the Room

If you have a fan or air conditioner, switch this on a few hours before you go to bed.  Keep the bedroom door closed and the blinds and curtains closed to enable the appliance to effectively cool the room. Use an eco-mode if the appliance has one, so that it works as economically as possible.

As summer goes on you may need more pre-cooling

As we get further into summer you will have to run the fan or air conditioner for longer each night to get the room temperature down.  This is because the walls in the rooms warm up and act as a heat battery holding more and more heat within them, so the room takes longer to cool down.

Choose the right cooling fan or air conditioner

MeacoFan 650

Meaco now have three cooling fans, the 360, 650  and 1056, to suit varying room sizes. The MeacoFan range is very low on energy consumption and extremely low on noise levels, partly down to its advanced DC technology, making them a popular choice for use in the bedroom. This also ensures lower running costs, and a better quality of fan.  All have been awarded a QuietMark in recognition of being amongst the quietest cooling fans tested to date. They have an Off Timer so the fans will turn off after a period of time, ensuring you don’t wake up feeling cold in the night, particularly useful in a child’s room. Attention to detail means that the fan does not bleep when the Off Timer turns it off, ensuring a cool and peaceful night’s sleep.


MeacoCool MC Series 

MeacoCool MC Series

An air conditioner is also an option, but one which is lightweight and with low noise levels. The MeacoCool range of air conditioners is perfect for use in bedrooms, as they are compact, all weighing under 30kgs, and have low noise levels. The Sleep Mode keeps the unit in low fan speed to ensure the lowest possible noise level, which can be combined with the Off Timer to ensure that you do not wake up cold during the night. All are supplied with castors, which, combined with the lower than average weight, make them easy to move about as required, and the remote control allows you to change the settings without having to get out of bed. Low sound pressure levels make them all easier to live with, and a window kit makes the cooling more efficient.

The manoeuvrability of all these products means they can be used 24 hours day, within different parts of the home and in an office. Essential pieces of kit to survive the hot weather.

If you have any questions or need any advice about which Meaco cooling appliance is best for your requirements, please get in touch. Our team has a wealth of expertise in air cooling and would be happy to help. Please phone us on 01483 234900 or email: sales@meaco.com