Did you know 35% of the population will be affected by at least one form of allergy some stage in their lives? This likelihood can double in children, with Hay fever being especially common.


Other common allergies derive from dust mites, mould spores and pet dander, which can trigger various responses from respiratory reactions like asthma and eczema skin reactions. Living with these allergies can be troublesome, but there are many ways to reduce the impact on your life.

Here are some advice and helpful tips on reducing the symptoms of allergies, with the expanded tips featured in  Sloan! magazine.


  • Get used to checking the pollen count on a daily basis so that you can plan your day.
  • Avoid drying clothes outside when the count is high as the pollen with stick to the clothes.
  • Plan outdoor activities after any rain as the pollen count is lower after a shower.
  • When you come home change your clothes so that you are not wearing clothes with pollen indoors and allowing the pollen to spread around the house.
  • Spring clean the house before spring so you are not sneezing and suffering whilst disturbing dust.
  • Clean mould in the bathroom regularly to avoid the spread of mould spores.
  • Ensure you have good ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen to remove excess moisture to avoid damp.
  • Lower damp levels mean less mould spores and dust mites, if necessary buy a dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels.
  • Make your bedroom an allergy free haven where you can rest and get a good night’s sleep.

Head to the Sloan! article to read a brief overview of the aspects you should focus on when selecting one that will work for you and your needs.

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