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Will 2019 see another “Beast from the East”?

This time last year the UK was in the midst of another relatively mild winter.  However, things quickly changed a few weeks into the New Year when the “Beast from the East” arrived, bringing with it unprecedented snowfall, ice and prolonged low temperatures. You may recall how the country ground to a halt for several days with schools and road closures.  The severe weather was particularly tough on low-income families reliant on costly gas and electric central heating systems. During the “Beast from the East” wholesale gas prices rose by 20% as the UK came close to running out of gas. This cost was passed on to homeowners bills in the shape of price increases by the UK’s energy providers in 2018.

Economical Heating Alternatives

MeacoHeat Motion Eye 1.8KW

With weather forecasters hinting that more cold weather is on the way homeowners need to consider how best to prepare their home for another harsh winter. An energy-saving and cost-effective solution for heating is the MeacoHeat Motion Heater. Where traditional heating systems use thermostats to maintain a room’s temperature regardless of how frequently the room is used, the MeacoHeat Motion Heater can be used much more economically. It can be used as a standalone unit for spaces that may be less-frequently used, but still require heating. A motion detection sensor means the unit will only be activated once a person walks into the room. When they leave the room, the heater will switch off, allowing the user to save money on heating bills and helping the environment. MeacoHeat Motion Heaters use safe PTC ceramic technology to offer fast start-up time. A thermal cut out and tilt safety switch ensure that, if they are accidentally knocked over, they switch off.

A fan option means they can be used all year round, adding warmth in the summer months on a chill day, but becoming a fan to cool a room in hotter weather. The smaller model, 1.8kW has two outputs levels to save energy, a 1-7 hour off timer and a fan only mode for summer use. The larger 2.0Kw adds oscillation to the specification to distribute the heat evenly through a 70° arc. A three-level thermostat replaces the off timer to provide another level of control.

There are two models, available in either red, black or white and with their small and stylish design, they are sure to look great in any room in a house. MeacoHeat Motion Heaters are the perfect solution for filling in with some extra heat when needed.

Make sure you are prepared this winter if the “Beast from the East” does return.  Find out more about our heaters: https://www.meaco.com/heaters


Meaco dehumidifier featured in Caravan and Park Operator

Summer is ending, and with winter fast approaching, it is worth ensuring your caravan, home or property is free from damp in the winter months. Utilizing products like a Meaco dehumidifier can

Meaco in Caravan and Park Operator mag

Meaco tips article

take the stress out of preventing mould and damp. The process of installing and maintaining a dehumidifier has never been easier.


Contrary to popular belief, just heating up the house doesn’t help reduce the moisture in the air and reduce damp, it just raises the room temperature.


Our helpful tips and advice article by Meaco’s very own Chris Michael explains in-depth why just increasing the room temperature won’t combat mould and damp. He also offers the correct way to reduce the moisture in the air and the science behind why using a dehumidifier works so well.


You can read the full tips and advice on how to keep your caravan free of damp in the winter in the latest Caravan and Park Operator magazine.