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Monthly prize draw for customers reaffirms Meaco’s commitment to elephant conservation

We are proud of our ongoing support for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), whose efforts help save endangered wildlife across the globe.David Shepherd logo

Which is why we enter customers who register and activate their new Meaco product warranty into a monthly free prize draw, to win a DSWF elephant adoption pack. Registering a Meaco product not only activates our parts and labour warranty, it also contributes to a charitable cause which is close to our hearts.

Adoption package prize draw helps raise funds and create awareness

Meaco is a committed supporter of the DSWF, and in particular the work it does in the conservation of elephants. The monthly prize draw has been run since October 2017, helping to engage the public to further spread the message about elephant conservation.  Meaco pays for the cost of each elephant adoption packs which includes:

  • A beautiful mounted print of an exclusive sketch signed by Mandy Shepherd.
  • An adoption certificate
  • Information about the history of your animal or guardian and a fact sheet.
  • A photograph of your chosen animal.
  • Bi-annual E-updates.

By adopting an elephant Meaco customers are helping the DSWF to save, care and then release back into the wild, existing and future orphans, and to help protect their elephant cousins in the wild.

Meaco donates with every purchase of the DD8L Zambezi

DD8L Zambezi

In addition to the monthly draw, we have been contributing money from the sale of every sale of the DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier since its launch in January 2016. When we were designing the DD8L we wanted to add character to this special dehumidifier and so named it after an orphaned elephant being cared for by the DSWF. As well as offering financial support we decided to include a card with every DD8L Zambezi sale that explains to customers why elephant conservation is so important, and details the great work done being carried out by the DSWF.

For more information about becoming involved with the DSWF and adopting an animal, see here: https://davidshepherd.org/help-us/adopt.

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier, was the result of three years of intense research and development, incorporating several unique ideas originating from customers. It has a Which? “Best Buy” award and offers more functionality, with more control and options, than any other domestic dehumidifier on the market, and includes six “world firsts”. Click here to find out more about the story behind the DD8L Zambezi.

If you have any questions about our work with the DSFW or need advice about dehumidifiers, please get in touch. Our team has decades of experience in air humidity and would be happy to help. Please phone us on 01483 234900 or email: sales@meaco.com.


Why boatowners should use a dehumidifier over winter

Image of All At Sea MagazineMeaco MD Chris Michael’s expert advice featured in “All at Sea”. 

Dehumidifiers are especially popular with boatowners to help protect their boat and belongings during the damp and cold winter months. However, not all dehumidifiers work well in the cold which is why it’s important that boatowners carry out research to find the best appliance for their needs.

Meaco’s Managing Director Chris Michael has been in the dehumidifier business since 1989 and his expert advice to boatowners was recently published by “All At Sea”, a print and online publication which is “Britain’s most read waterfront newspaper.”

In the article Chris provides buying advice, tips on using dehumidifiers on boats and how keep your costs down. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “Organic material in particular is prone to damage from excess moisture which explains why cushions and bedding often smell musty when you return to your boat in spring.”
  • “If your boat is still on the water then avoid a dehumidifier with castors as it will roll around.”
  • “A desiccant dehumidifier operates well in cold conditions, so choosing a desiccant rather than a compressor dehumidifier is best for boats. A desiccant dehumidifier also has a heater inside it as part of the desiccant regeneration process.”
  • “Place the dehumidifier on a level surface, the galley side.”
  • “Use an RCD because you are using an electrical appliance on your boat and it will be unattended most of the time.
  • “Drain the water away using a hose into a sink (otherwise the dehumidifier will turn itself off when it is full and you will need to go back to the boat every
    day to empty the tank).”
  • “Do not use a plug-in timer switch with your dehumidifier. This is like giving your appliance a power cut twice a day and will damage it in the long run.”
  • “Leave the internal doors open so that the damp air in the boat can migrate towards the dehumidifier and be dried.”
  • “When you do visit the boat clean your filter; this will increase the lifespan of the dehumidifier and will keep it efficient ensuring that your running costs are reduced.”Meaco DD8L Junior Award Winning dehumidifier

From the Meaco range of dehumidifiers Chris recommends the Meaco DD8L Junior which is perfect for unmanned boats, has no castors (so it won’t roll), emits heat and extracts high volumes of water.

He also recommends the Meaco DD8L Zambezi, a Which? Best buy for three years in a row, that has a daily run timer to restrict hours of operation and is extremely safe for use on boats, with every attention given to maintaining electrical and corrosion standards. It features a three-litre tank, which can be partnered up with a hose so that it can drain into a sink or bathtub. The Zambezi also has several world “firsts”, such as being the first domestic desiccant dehumidifier to have a digital display dashboard and the first to have a sterilising ioniser.

Both the DD8L Junior and the DD8L Zamebzi have been extensively reviewed and come highly recommended in the boating and yachting press.

To read the full article in “All at Sea” click here


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Launch of MeacoCool, a range of portable air conditioners

We at Meaco are very pleased to announce the launch of MeacoCool, a range of portable air conditioners – a must in the heat!

With the arrival of summer, and a rise in temperature and humidity, keeping cool can be a problem. There will also be so many sporting events televised during the summer, such as Wimbledon and the Football World Cup, many will be spending time indoors, and will turn to air conditioning to keep cool. The launch of MeacoCool is timely, with its manoeuvrability, low noise levels and stylish looks and a great solution to stuffy, sticky, rising temperatures.

The MeacoCool range of air conditioners are compact and all weigh under 30kgs, making them ideal for use in the home or small office. They provide localised cooling in rooms from 15-28 m², removing the sticky feeling from the air in a humid British summer.


All are supplied with castors, which, combined with the lower than average weight, make them easy to move about as required, and the remote control allows you to change the settings without having to get up to the unit. Low sound pressure levels make them all easier to live with, and a window kit makes the cooling more efficient.


MeacoCool 8,000BTU is best for small rooms around 15-25m², weighing just 24kgs, and in low fan speed a sound pressure level of 50dB(A)

MeacoCool 9,000BTU is for slightly larger rooms of 16-26m², and weighs 25Kgs, and in low fan speed the sound pressure level is 53dB(A)


The largest model, MeacoCool 10,000BTU, will cool rooms of around 18-28m², weighs 26Kgs, and in low fan speed the sound pressure level is 56dB(A).  The MeacoCool 10,000BTU CH  model differs in that it has a reverse Heat Pump, allowing you to use this unit for heating as well as cooling.


To get the best results from an air conditioner it is advised to pre-cool a room before use, such as a bedroom if you want a good night’s sleep. This can be done using the MeacoCool On Timer. Watch this space though, we’ll be showing you are best tips for maintaining a cool room in summer heat!

The Sleep Mode keeps the unit in low fan speed to ensure the lowest possible noise level, which can be combined with the Off Timer to ensure that you do not wake up cold during the night.

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Meaco at MCE Milan 2018

MCE exhibition

Milan was the place to be in March. Not as you would expect for the launch of the new spring/summer fashions or for great Italian food. No, it was home to the best place to showcase the latest products on offer at the world’s leading exhibition in Europe, MCE. The MCE exhibition is dedicated to promoting the largest range of air treatment solutions.  So, it was a pleasure for us to be involved. We had Stand B01 in Hall24.

Meaco in Milan

Have you ever been to the exhibition centre in Milan? Well, why would you unless you are needed to because of work! Let us explain just how vast the place is. It’s over 1.1km from east to west, and with all the halls running off a central walkway, it makes it very easy for visitors to navigate around. The MCE exhibition took place between 13th and 16th March. It was brilliant that so many of our distributors from around Europe came to spend time with us on the stand and again in the evenings after the exhibition closed.









What to expect from Meaco

Being at the MCE this year allowed us to show new and existing customers alike our exciting new range of cooling products. Just like the heating range launched last year, these new cooling products of fans and mobile Air Conditioning units look great and have many features that make them stand out from the competition.

It is six years since we last had a stand here in Milan and it was interesting to see how the visitor demographics have changed.

We’d love to thank all the interesting people who took the time to stop and chat with us on the stand and look forward to having many more good conversations with some of them over the coming week!

We really want to leave you a list of places you need to visit on your next trip to Milan, but sadly all we saw was the hotel, taxi, exhibition centre and taxi back to the hotel every day.  Maybe next time!

More information on the new products coming soon. In the meantime, check out our extensive range of products here and subscribe to the latest updates on Meaco by following us on Twitter and Facebook.


Meaco launches UK TV campaign

Meaco are promoting the benefits of using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity, condensation and damp problems with a series of national TV commercials – have you spotted them?

Starting November 2017 Meaco will be rolling out a £100k advertising campaign to promote and showcase its dehumidifiers through retail, TV and online channels. The campaign aims to show how Meaco dehumidifiers can be used to solve the issues of condensation, damp and mould to create a better environment for the family. The campaign will start with the 12L Low Energy dehumidifier, with the adverts hosted on the following channels: ITV Channels, Comedy Central, Discovery and Food Network, with the potential to expand to Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito and More4.

“As well as supporting our retailers, we are reaching out to families to show that they do not have to put up with damp, mould and condensation issues during the British winter, and that a Meaco dehumidifier can make the home a drier, warmer, healthier and nicer environment for their whole family” commented Chris Michael Director of Meaco talking about the campaign. “Dehumidifiers have not appeared on television for a very, very long time now and we are delighted to be the company to bring them back and lead the way.  This is all part of Meaco’s plan to move the dehumidifier market forward both in terms of innovation and awareness. ”

The TV campaign will highlight the awards Meaco has already received from both Which? and the Good Housekeeping Institute, demonstrating that Meaco is a trusted and quality brand with a proven track record. The commercial for the award winning DD8L Zambezi, Meaco’s newest model, launched in 2016 after three years of intense research and development, will highlight Meaco’s relationship with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. For each sale of a DD8L Zambezi, Meaco donates to the DSWF supported Elephant Orphanage. To date, Meaco have donated over £21,000!


You can watch the Meaco TV advert via Youtube below:

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