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“This fan is astonishingly quiet.” MeacoFan 650 awarded 5 Stars from Trusted Reviews

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Trusted Reviews are different when it comes to online reviews of consumer technology. Unlike other sites they never collude with or accept money from manufacturers and they thoroughly test every product.

Last week they published their in-depth review of the brand new MeacoFan 650 and we’re delighted to reveal that it earned the highest possible rating of 5 stars.

A new addition to the MeacoFan family

MeacoFan 650

The MeacoFan 650 is a smaller version of the best-selling MeacoFan 1056. We’ve developed a scaled-down model with a smaller base, making it even more suitable to place on a bedside table for bedroom cooling. The 650 is even quieter than its larger counterpart, starting at just 20dB, is built with the same energy efficient DC technology and has auto-off functionality so you can get a good night’s sleep in the summer, safe in the knowledge that the fan will turn itself off during the night without disturbing you.

In addition, due to its lower power consumption the MeacoFan 650 includes a USB power port for greater versatility.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s a selection of comments from Trusted Reviews about the MeacoFan 650:

  • The MeacoFan 650 doesn’t just give the impression of quiet, powerful cooling; our measurements back it up. This fan is astonishingly quiet.
  • The MeacoFan 650 has a DC motor and seems to be remarkably efficient. We measured power consumption of just 1 watt at its slowest setting, rising to only 8 watts at the maximum – roughly the range between recharging a phone and turning on a low-energy lightbulb.
  • Meaco has added to this fan’s versatility by giving it a standard micro-USB connector on the rear. You could detach its cable from the supplied heavy-duty USB adapter and easily take power from a USB socket in a car, boat or caravan.

In summary:

If you want a powerful and unobtrusive desk fan, and don’t want to spend a lot more on a product such as the Dyson Pure Cool Me, the MeacoFan 650 Air Circulator is a brilliant choice.

Click here to read the full review.

MeacoFan 650 Air Circulator (£79.99)

Click here to find out more about the MeacoFan 650.

If you have any questions or need any advice about which MeacoFan is best for your requirements, please get in touch. Our team has decades of experience in air cooling and would be happy to help. Please phone us on 01483 234900 or email: sales@meaco.com .



HuffPost rates MeacoFan as one of the best fans to buy on Amazon

Founded in 2005, the original self-styled internet newspaper, The HuffPost UK website receives on average a staggering 28,500,000 visitors a month.

We’re delighted that the MeacoFan 1056 has just been chosen by the HuffPost UK as one of  The Six Best Fans on Amazon To Help You Through The Hot Days (And Nights), According To Reviews

The online article nicely sums up some of the leading qualities of the MeacoFan 1056, detailing that:

MeacoFan 1056

  • It has lots of great reviews on Amazon (64x Five-Star reviews so far!)
  • You can really feel the cooling as a result of the air rotation
  • The noise-dampening technology won’t keep you awake at night
  • You can schedule it to turn-off after you’ve gone to sleep to save money

You can read the full article here.


Two new MeacoFan models

If you didn’t already know, just in time for the summer, we have just released two brand new personal air circulators in the MeacoFan range, which have both already been awarded the prestigious Quiet Mark award.


MeacoFan 650 Air Circulator (£79.99)

MeacoFan 650

The MeacoFan 650 has been introduced because some customers in 2018 asked for a slightly smaller fan, or a fan with a gloss finish.  The MeacoFan 650 ticks both of those boxes whilst retaining the popular ultra-quiet (just 20dB), remote control and auto-off features from the larger 1056 MeacoFan.

This model also includes an eco-mode where the fan self-regulates its speed according to room temperature. With running costs at just 3.5W per hour this fan is highly energy efficient. Click here to find out more.


Meaco 360 Air Circulator (£59.99)


Our quietest ever fan at just 15dB and as it takes up very little space making its perfect for bedside tables or office desks. 15dB is the sound of a whisper or light breeze, in other words nearly noiseless.

We have decided not to include a remote control for this size of fan as its more likely this fan will be within arm’s reach. It still retains the popular auto-off functionality of the larger MeacoFans and with unbeatable energy efficiency (from 2.5W per hour) this model is the perfect accompaniment to get a good night sleep this summer. Click here to find out more.

Not sure which MeacoFan you need?

If you have any questions or need any advice about which MeacoFan is best for your home or office, please get in touch. Our team has decades of experience in air cooling and would be happy to help. Please phone us on 01483 234900 or email: sales@meaco.com


Why authentic reviews by real customers matter when shopping online

Shopping online can be quick and easy, but sometimes the customer experience doesn’t meet expectations. Before making a purchase a customer needs confidence that the vendor will deliver the goods in the specified time frame, that the product itself will do the job as described, and that in the event of an issue the vendor will resolve the matter in a timely and satisfactory fashion.

This is where credible and authentic online e-commerce Trust brand websites can help online shoppers.

Trusted Shops & Meaco

In 2013, we decided to partner with Trusted Shops, the leading European e-commerce online trust brand. We felt it was very important for our online customers to be able to find out exactly what the latest Meaco customers genuinely thought about our service and our products. Trusted shops carried out an audit of a wide range of our service elements, such as how easy it is for customers to reach us, how we protect and respect customer data, our payment, ordering and delivery processes, plus our warranty and product guarantees. Meaco was subsequently certified by Trusted Shops in March 2013 and champions an overall “Excellent” rating of 4.87 out of 5 from over 800 reviews.  In the last year alone Meaco has received 397 five-star reviews.

We love nothing more than making products that people truly have a great experience in using so to see these reviews brings us a great deal of pleasure.

This positive feedback is a reflection of the consistent hard work of our service team, the quality of our products and having good systems and processes in place. We strive to treat our customers with the same level of service we would expect as consumers.

Have a browse of our Trusted Shops page to see why so many people are recommending Meaco as a trustworthy retailer: