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Expert Reviews rate Meaco Clean CA-HEPA 119×5 Air Purifier

Expert Reviews latest update on the best air purifiers rates the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 as a “snazzy, well-made, high performing air purifier.”

With the pollen season well and truly under way this timely update gives advice on buying an air purifier to alleviate allergic suffering.  An air purifier will clean the air in your home removing pollen and other airborne pollutants such as traffic fumes, pet dander, cigarette smoke and dust mites, helping you and your family to reduce sneezing, sniffling and feeling generally bunged up. It will also help ensure a better night’s sleep.

Expert Reviews points out that it’s essential you do your homework before you choose which air purifier to buy and their buying guide sums up the key factors you need to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash. They also pointed out that it’s not just the initial financial outlay you need to think about, but operational costs as well.

On choosing an air purifier, areas for buyers consideration they discuss include:

  • How do air purifiers actually clean the air?

    MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5

  • What is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)?
  • Filtration performance.
  • Is noise an important factor?
  • Is an air quality sensor useful?
  • Is a carry handle necessary?
  • The importance of a night mode if you intend to use in a bedroom.
  • How important is a filter replacement indicator?
  • Should I consider getting a timer?

Finally, the reviews of the products, with the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 regarded as a “snazzy looking machine, well-built and well-engineered.” It was seen as great for larger rooms of up to 198m³, and more transportable than others. They thought it did a good job of removing airborne allergens from the air via a multi-stage purification process (including charcoal filter, ultra-violet light and ioniser), and thought it was quiet at its lowest setting, easily peaceful enough to sleep through. The included video of how it works was seen as helpful:


The full article can be seen here https://www.expertreviews.co.uk/home-appliances/1406008/best-air-purifier-ease-your-allergies-with-the-best-air-purifiers-from-100

Meaco has two air purifier models, the MeacoClean  CA-HEPA 119×5 SRP £379.99 and  MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 SRP £149.99, both ‘state of the art,’ offering a bespoke air purification experience to suit the allergy and room size. Both of which have received the seal of approval by Allergy UK.

If you have any questions or need any advice about which air purifier is best for your home, please get in touch. Our team has decades of experience in air purification and would be happy to help. Please phone us on 01483 234900 or email: sales@meaco.com.


How to choose the right air purifier for hayfever sufferers

Many of us will be jumping in joy at the prospect of Spring, but sunny days and blossoming flowers aren’t enjoyable for everyone. Meteorologists described last months early bloom as “Fragrant February”, declaring that hay fever season had arrived early. When you consider that 2018 saw the UK’s highest reported levels of pollen in a decade, if you or someone in your family suffers with hay fever it might be time to take action to mitigate its effects in the home.

In our last blog we outlined several general tips for hay fever sufferers, one of which was to consider buying an air purifier for the home. Air Purifiers can be highly effective as they remove pollen and other airborne allergy causing irritants such as dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and traffic pollution.

However, people sometimes buy the wrong machine and end up frustrated as it doesn’t do the job it was bought for. We’ve outlined some simple steps to help ensure you choose the right appliance this year:

First Check your Allergy

To select the correct air purifier, you need to know two things; firstly, what you are allergic to and secondly the cubic air volume of the room that you want to clean. This is where air purifier selection normally goes wrong. Most people end up with an air purifier that is too small, and with a filter that does not clean the right allergens from the air. It’s essential for hay fever sufferers to check that the appliance removes pollen. A quality air purifier should remove the airborne irritants illustrated below:

Second Check your Room Size

The more often the air from your room goes through the air purifier each hour the cleaner the air will become. If your hay fever symptoms are mild then three times an hour will be fine, five times an hour will give better results and a factor of seven or eight times an hour should be used if your pollen allergy is severe. In terms of room size the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 can move up to 236m3 of air per hour. The table below gives you an indication of the room sizes that the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 can purify for you:

Number of air changes per hour and room size
3 4 5 6 7 8
CA-HEPA 47×5 78m3 59m3 47m3 39m3 34m3 29m3

To convert from cubic metres to cubic feet multiple the above number by 35.3 (i.e. 119m3 equals 4200ft3).

If your room size is larger than the above then our larger unit the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 would be more appropriate.

Meaco Clean CA HEPA 119×5

British Allergy Foundation approved 

When you have identified an air, purifier check to see if it approved by the British Allergy Foundation. If it is, you be certain that it’s been tried and tested by experts from an impartial charitable organisation on the behalf of allergy sufferers.

Need Further Advice? 

If you have any questions or need further advice about how to alleviate hayfever suffering in the home, please get in touch. Our team have a wealth of experience regarding air purification and would be happy to help. Call us on 01483 234 900 or email: sales@meaco.com.


UK pollen levels could soar as”Fragrant February” signals an early spring

Meaco air purifier guide

After a particularly mild winter, Spring appears to have arrived early, with February temperatures expected to reach those usually enjoyed in the summer. The coming weeks are predicted to be the mildest on record for a February, and now the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) says it is likely to be the most fragrant too. Britain’s gardens are going in to bloom earlier this year, with seasonal flowers including witch hazel, winter-flowering viburnums, shrubby honeysuckles and Edgeworthia flowering larger and more profusely. However, this also means a rise in pollen levels, and an earlier start to the traditional hay fever season.

How to alleviate the suffering caused from the rise in pollenMeaco air purifier guide

Meaco’s Managing Director Chris Michael, an air purifier expert, gives his tips on how to live with pollen:


See your doctor now before the main season starts, usually between the months of late March through to September.  There are a variety of medication options and remedies available, the NHS online is a great place to explore.

Pollen forecasts

It’s worth making the effort to check the Met Office pollen forecast, which is available five days in advance. The site also offer in depth pollen patterns helping you to plan for your day, week or month accordingly.

Indoor drying

Whilst it’s tempting to make the most of warm days, try to avoid drying clothes when the pollen count is high as the pollen in the air will no doubt stick to your clothes, and therefore will seep into your house afterwards.

Spring clean

Spring clean your house. Dust and dust mites increase the onset of hay fever and similar allergies and therefore reducing and regularly removing dust all around your house in advance of the allergy season will ease the causes of allergies.

MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5

Cleaner air

Another great way to reduce suffering from pollen is to combat it at the source. Investing in an air purifier to clean the air and remove harmful, irritating particles will help you and your family breath better.

Meaco has two models, the MeacoClean  CA-HEPA 119×5 SRP £379.99 and  MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 SRP £149.99, both ‘state of the art,’ offering a bespoke air purification experience to suit the allergy and room size. Both of which have received the seal of approval by Allergy UK.

Finally, get advice from a manufacturer before you buy. The experienced team at Meaco are available to offer advice. Please phone us on 01483 234900 or email: sales@meaco.com.


Which dehumidifier to use during pollen season?

The Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier comes with a free HEPA filter for you to try.

The Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier comes with a free HEPA filter for you to try.

We have had a large increase over the last week of customers looking for a dehumidifier that will help with pollen as well as dehumidifying the air to prevent mould growth.  Well there are only two dehumidifiers that can help, a surprisingly low number when there are so many dehumidifiers out there talking about how good they are at filtering the air.

Dehumidifiers mostly just have basic dust filters and at a push some, like the Meaco DD8L range, have an anti-bacterial coating on the filter to help clean the air further.  But only the Platinum Range has a filter dense enough to significantly clean the air and help asthma, allergy and hay fever suffers.

A HEPA filter is an internationally recognised standard and provides filtration of particles smaller than the eye can see and as such provides real benefits to those that suffer at the hands of a high pollen count.

At present we do not know of any other dehumidifiers that benefit from a true HEPA to provide such exceptional air filtration.

Details of the Platinum Range can be found here for the 12 litre version and here for the 20 litre version.  These dehumidifiers are available via John Lewis, Currys, Maplin Electronics, Amazon and our own website as well as numerous specialist dehumidifier retailers.


Hayfever and pollen allergies are no fun

My daughter suffers terribly with hayfever and this week has seen the start of the sneezing season and two to three months of misery.

Last year it came a lot later with the cold spring and the late start to the pollen season but when it did come it was nasty. Normally trees release their pollen at different times and therefore the allergic reaction to them is milder and spread out over a few months, in 2013 it came in one short, sharp burst and for anyone who is allergic to pollen it was truly horrible.

It was not just my daughter who suffered it was Michelle and I as well, if she couldn’t sleep then we couldn’t sleep and of course the lack of sleep didn’t help anyone’s mood!

Meaco Airvax air purifier

Constant sneezing and a lack of sleep is no fun for anyone. The Airvax helped to provide a good night sleep by cleaning the air and removing the pollen.

For a period we were out of stock of our Airvax air purifier but after about 10 days of the sneezing, runny nose, sleepless nights and short tempers the stock thankfully arrived and I took one home fingers crossed that it would make a difference.

Now, we have lots and lots of independent test data for the Airvax verifying how wonderful it is and proving how well it removes various allergens from the air but this was going to be a true test, could it deal with our daughter and get some much needed sleep for us all? So I put it in her bedroom and ran it at full speed to get as much room air through the filter as possible. The first night it made no difference at all, the second night nothing either and then the third night, success, she slept through. 

Now of course this could have just been exhaustion and not the effect of the Airvax, so the jury was still out.  But I can honestly say that from there on in she was able to get a good’s night sleep every night.  Outside of her bedroom in the rest of the house, outside and in school she still sneezed her way through the day, but at least at night she slept, we slept and everyone felt more human during the day.

I had taken the Airvax out of her room recently meaning to write a piece for this blog about how to tell when you have to clean and change the filter, so the Airvax has been here at work and not at home.  Unfortunately my timing has been poor and she has had to suffer several sleepless nights because I forgot to bring the Airvax home.  Finally, yesterday, I remembered and last night she managed to sleep through the night for the first time in a week or so.

These experiences drove me to write this piece for the blog because losing out on sleep is no fun and I can bring to you this genuine, first hand, experience of how the Airvax filter system really does work and it does deliver fantastic results and can make a real difference if you suffer from hayfever.