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Guide to finding the right size air conditioner

Is the British heatwave making you wish for an air conditioner? With the heat and added humidity levels experienced across the UK, an air conditioner is a perfect solution to restoring cool air and reducing the sticky feeling. However, before purchasing, there are a few elements to consider beforehand to ensure you have the role model for your needs.

How much heat do you want to remove? Knowing the size of the room you want cooling impacts the type of MeacoCool model. For example, if you only require an air conditioner for your bedroom, the MeacoCool MC Series 10000BTU will be the right size for the given space.

The cooling capacities of our MeacoCool range are given in BTU’s and kW’s. 1kW is equal to 3412BTUs. To more accurately calculate the required BTU output of your room, you need to consider the various heat sources and add them together to determine the cooling you require.


You need to know:

  • The floor area of the room
  • The size and position of windows, and whether they have blinds or shades
  • The number of room occupants (if any)
  • The heat generated by equipment
  • The heat generated by lighting

Floor Area of Room

The amount of cooling required depends on the area of the room. To calculate the area in square metres:

Room Area BTU = Length (m) x Width (m) x 337

Window Size and Position

If your room has no windows, you can ignore this part of the calculation. If, however, there are windows, you need to take the size and orientation into account.

South Window BTU = South Facing window Length (m) x Width (m) x 870

North Window BTU = North Facing windows Length (m) x Width (m) x 165

If there are no blinds on the windows multiply the result(s) by 1.5.

Add together all the BTUs for the windows.

Windows BTU = South Window(s) BTU + North Window(s) BTU


You will have to take that into account people who normally working in the space. The heat output is around 400 BTU per person.

Total Occupant BTU = Number of occupants x 400


Clearly most heat in a room is generated by the equipment. This is trickier to calculate that you might think. The wattage on equipment is the maximum power consumption rating, the actual power consumed may be less. However, it is probably safer to overestimate the wattage than underestimate it.

Equipment BTU = Total wattage for all equipment x 3.5


Take the total wattage of the lighting and multiply by 4.25.

Lighting BTU = Total wattage for all lighting x 4.25

Total Cooling Required

Add all the BTUs together.

Total Heat Load = Room Area BTU + Windows BTU + Total Occupant BTU + Equipment BTU + Lighting BTU

This is the amount of cooling required so you need one or more air conditioning units to handle that amount of heat.


The MeacoCool range is now available via Amazon and from John Lewis

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Good Luck and stay cool!


Disclaimer: These calculations are intended as rough guide only. Complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed



How to keep your bedroom cool in the heat

Here’s our ‘Top Tips’ on how to aid a good night’s sleep with a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

Great sleep quality is vital to daytime productivity and, with Britons experiencing this current heatwave, temperatures of 30 degrees and very high pollen counts are impacting the nation’s slumbers.

Here are our top tips to ensure a good night’s sleep despite the heat, with a range of portable Meaco products which cool and purify the air, whilst keeping noise levels at a minimum.

Prepare your sleeping space in advance

  1. Make sure that your bedding and surrounding environment is prepared before you hit the hay!
  2. Cool the room with your air conditioner and optimise air quality with your air purifier, by running these products for a short time before you go to bed. Remember to keep doors and windows shut during this time to maximise the effects though!
  3. Keep temperatures to a minimum with curtains and blinds closed throughout the day to prevent the heat from the sun warming up the room.


Think before opening a window

  1. Only open the window when the outside air temperature is cooler than the room temperature, to avoid introducing hotter air.
  2. Make sure to use the window blocker for your air conditioning unit to maximise efficiency and ensure any cool air doesn’t escape around the unit’s hose.

Reap the benefits as you count those sheep!

  1. If you’re a night owl, when you finally settle into the land of nod, you will no longer be hampered by heat gain from the sun’s rays, so turn off your air conditioner (or switch to fan only mode) to minimise noise further and maximise a peaceful night’s sleep.

Finally, as summer and its high temperatures continue, the walls in your house retain the heat for longer periods, so do make sure to manage this by using the above tips further in advance for the optimal sleep session.

Choosing the right product to meet your needs

  • Meaco offers an extensive range of domestic and industrial products, with air conditioners, cooling units, fans and air purifiers, as well as our heating solutions to support customers once the temperatures drop. Here’s some tips to help in your decision-making:
  • Consider the product weight, especially if you plan to use it upstairs.
  • Product noise levels are an important consideration, especially during sleep.
  • Does the product feature a Sleep Mode or timer to manage usage and minimise noise levels?

The new MeacoCool range of air conditioners are perfect for use in bedrooms, as they are compact, all weighing under 30kgs and low noise levels. The Sleep Mode maintains low fan speed to further minimise noise levels and the Off Timer enables you to manage your product usage. All are portable, supplied with castors, which, combined with the lower than average weight, make them easy to move about as required, and the remote control allows you to change the settings from the comfort of your bed.

We hope these tips are helpful and wish you all a cool, calm and well-rested summer!

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Launch of MeacoCool, a range of portable air conditioners

We at Meaco are very pleased to announce the launch of MeacoCool, a range of portable air conditioners – a must in the heat!

With the arrival of summer, and a rise in temperature and humidity, keeping cool can be a problem. There will also be so many sporting events televised during the summer, such as Wimbledon and the Football World Cup, many will be spending time indoors, and will turn to air conditioning to keep cool. The launch of MeacoCool is timely, with its manoeuvrability, low noise levels and stylish looks and a great solution to stuffy, sticky, rising temperatures.

The MeacoCool range of air conditioners are compact and all weigh under 30kgs, making them ideal for use in the home or small office. They provide localised cooling in rooms from 15-28 m², removing the sticky feeling from the air in a humid British summer.


All are supplied with castors, which, combined with the lower than average weight, make them easy to move about as required, and the remote control allows you to change the settings without having to get up to the unit. Low sound pressure levels make them all easier to live with, and a window kit makes the cooling more efficient.


MeacoCool 8,000BTU is best for small rooms around 15-25m², weighing just 24kgs, and in low fan speed a sound pressure level of 50dB(A)

MeacoCool 9,000BTU is for slightly larger rooms of 16-26m², and weighs 25Kgs, and in low fan speed the sound pressure level is 53dB(A)


The largest model, MeacoCool 10,000BTU, will cool rooms of around 18-28m², weighs 26Kgs, and in low fan speed the sound pressure level is 56dB(A).  The MeacoCool 10,000BTU CH  model differs in that it has a reverse Heat Pump, allowing you to use this unit for heating as well as cooling.


To get the best results from an air conditioner it is advised to pre-cool a room before use, such as a bedroom if you want a good night’s sleep. This can be done using the MeacoCool On Timer. Watch this space though, we’ll be showing you are best tips for maintaining a cool room in summer heat!

The Sleep Mode keeps the unit in low fan speed to ensure the lowest possible noise level, which can be combined with the Off Timer to ensure that you do not wake up cold during the night.

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