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When Dave Cryer, the owner of the UK’s longest running tech reviewing channel Geekanoids, was suffering from cold in his office, he turned to Meaco for a solution.

Meaco helped Dave out in 2018 after he had a flood, by supplying a dehumidifier to solve the damp problems. In fact, the dehumidifier is still in use, mainly to maintain the correct humidity levels in the room where all his servers are kept.

Now Dave had a problem with a cold office! Meaco has a range of motion activated heaters, and Dave was keen to test these out to see if they would add instant heat to his office. Two products were sent, the MeacoHeat Motion Eye 1.8Kw heater and the MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kw heater.

The live Geekanoids review showed Dave wrapped up in thick padded jackets and woolly hat. One of his followers kindly messaged that “80% of body heat is lost through the nose”! Dave then switched on the first heater to be tested, the larger 2.0kw model the MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye. Almost immediately Dave was able to remove all his winter clothing. This is because the heaters have a ceramic element that produces instant heat once turned on. A thermostat function allows the user to set a desired heat level.

Dave’s immediate comments were that the product was “very very good”, and “very quick to warm up, and well built”; a good first impression. He then went on to test out how well the motion sensor worked, and commented that this was “a really good function”. The motion sensor means the heater will switch on when a person enters a room and will turn itself off once its sensors detect that the room is empty, so preventing wasting energy. This was clearly demonstrated in the live review, with the heater duly switching itself on, and then off.

Dave was similarly impressed with the demo of the smaller heater, the MeacoHeat Motion Eye 1.8Kw. Dave summed up that he “loved the design” and that they are perfect for “providing a room with instant heat, or where there is no radiator they will heat the space effectively”. 

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