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Students unsatisfied with damp accommodation – Landlords take action today!

A recent report from Save The Student (a money saving website for students) reveals responses and statistics gathered from over 2000 students regarding their experiences with rented accommodation. The National Student Accommodation Survey details what student accommodation is really like, how much it costs, and what the biggest housing issues are for student renters.

The survey discloses that over half of the students (54%) rent rooms or houses from private landlords and estate agents, and almost every single student tenant (90%) experienced issues with housing. 

35% of students claimed that they have had problems with damp in their accommodation, making it one of the most common causes of aggrievement for student renters. The survey goes into more detail to highlight how 1 in 10 students waits more than a month for a resolution (that includes those who never see their issue fixed) and that only 45% of reported issues are resolved within a week.

New laws affecting student landlords

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act which came into effect today places a greater responsibility on landlords and letting agents to resolve damp and other housing issues. Student tenants now have the right to challenge their landlord with legal action if they fail to rectify reported housing issues. The new Housing Act comes into force, covering private and social renters – as long as they don’t have tenancies longer than seven years – and common areas of buildings are covered as well as individual rooms. It will make landlords more accountable for conditions in their properties, and that they meet certain standards throughout a tenancy.

How to remedy damp in student accommodation

Meaco “ABC” – a perfect remedy for damp in rental properties.

To avoid this becoming an aggravating and potentially expensive issue, preventive measures can be taken to reduce damp and the associated health problems that can arise as a result. Using a Meaco dehumidifier can make a big difference to damp.  The MeacoDry ‘ABC’ range is our quietest model that comes at an affordable price. It’s whisper quiet operating sound makes it perfectly suited for use in a flat or small household, reducing moisture in the air and helping to dry washing indoors (which in a shared student house is often a leading cause of damp). Moreover, this dehumidifier is remarkably energy efficient, costing just 2.45p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh making it cheap to run for the tenants.

If the damp issue is more serious, perhaps structural, then a dehumidifier will help reduce the symptoms of damp whilst remedial repairs are being made.

In summary, a dehumidifier can remedy damp issues making the accommodation more comfortable for students, whilst potentially saving landlords a lot of money in light of the new Housing Act.

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Evening Standard recommends Meaco DD8L Zambezi as the ideal gift for motorists

The Evening Standards Motoring Correspondent David Williams has solved the question of what present to get motorists this Xmas.

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi features in his top three choices. David said its a”very impressive” solution to counter rust when storing vehicles during winter.

You can see for yourself what else he had to say about it by clicking here or reading the extract below. To find out more about our award-winning Zambezi DD8L dehumidifier click here.


DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier digital displayIt’s strange how you can become obsessed with something you didn’t even know you needed. Meaco’s smart, cleverly-designed new DD8L ‘Zambezi’ Dehumidifier is such a product. Why would motorists want one? The answer is rust… feared enemy of anyone who keeps a car or two in a garage or small barn. Rust is caused by moisture and boy, does this unit, costing £234.94 – drink it up, especially in the winter. Known as a ‘dessicant’ dehumidifier, it is capable of removing eight litres of moisture a day from the atmosphere, storing it in an easily removed and emptied compartment at the bottom.

In practice it is very impressive, efficiently removing litre after litre of water – helping keep windows, window frames, walls, wardrobes and – of course – your car or bike, bone dry. It’s fascinating to watch it extract up to three litres of water (the capacity of the compartment) in just a few hours, from thin air and it saves time spent with a chamois or squeegee.

It has a laundry setting for drying out damp clothes indoors, can be set to a timer and you can set your target humidity too. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-virus ionizer, a useful carry handle, even a programme it to switch itself on and off at pre-arranged intervals. Ingenious, highly effective and – as you watch the water level creep up – slightly addictive. It’s said to cope with houses of up to five rooms, so should easily sort your garage or damp caravan out too.


Preparing your home for winter

The transition into winter sees the weather getting colder, damper and darker. This can lead to a miserable situation if your house is damp and cold. It’s extremely important to ensure you’re doing everything you can to avoid damage to your property and belongings as a result of this change in weather. Another factor that is often neglected is that cold, wet environments can lead to illness, painful joints and even more serious illnesses.

Damp is probably the biggest issue that the cold, wet, weather brings. The cold air can hold a lot of water vapor which can lead to damage and problems if not dried out. The best way to counter this issue is by using a dehumidifier, which sucks the moisture out of the air and collects it in a water tank. Our 10L ABC Range is energy efficient, quiet and suitable for all budgets.


There’s nothing worse than getting into a freezing cold bed. It’s also been proven that its unhealthy for your joints to get into a bed that’s too cold. Therefore, investing in a heater is a brilliant way to heat up a certain room. Our Meacoheat Motion Eye heater is perfect for the job, with its own built-in timer so you’re still in control even when you’re not physically able to turn it off.

Luxury This is the icing on the cake, but it’s definitely not a necessity. A heated blanket is a guaranteed way, when combined with a heater, to get into a nice warm bed with a toasty bedroom atmosphere. A lovely, relaxing end to a hard, cold day.

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Why boatowners should use a dehumidifier over winter

Many people like to use a dehumidifier to protect their boat and their belongings over winter. Organic material in particular is prone to damage from excess moisture which explains why cushions and bedding often smells musty when you return to your boat in spring. Anything paper based like books, pictures or for the old school – maps, can absorb moisture and curl up while wood and veneer can also be attacked.

If your boat is laid up near to a power supply then you can use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels down and to prevent potential damage.

Choosing your dehumidifier consider:

• The boat will be unheated over winter and not all dehumidifiers work well in the cold.
• You are likely to be carrying this dehumidifier between a car and the boat, so weight comes into consideration.
• If your boat is still on the water then avoid a dehumidifier with castors as it will roll around.
• All dehumidifiers have the ability to drain water away continuously so don’t worry too much about that.

A desiccant dehumidifier operates well in cold conditions, so choosing a desiccant rather than a compressor dehumidifier is best for boats, and they tend to be lighter, and do not have castors.

Once you have your dehumidifier on board here is how to get the best out of it.

• Place the dehumidifier on a level surface, the galley side.
• Use a RCD because you are using an electrical appliance on your boat and it will be unattended most of the time. The boat owner must still clean the filter and check the quality of his/her RCD and power supply.
• Drain the water away using a hose into a sink (otherwise the dehumidifier will turn itself off when it is full and you will need to go back to the boat every day to empty the tank).
• Use as little hose as possible and don’t leave excess curled up in the sink. Too much hose will create a negative air pressure and the water will not flow down the hose, the tank will fill and the dehumidifier will turn off.
• Don’t use a plug-in timer switch with your dehumidifier. This is like giving your appliance a power cut twice a day and will damage it in the long run. Desiccant dehumidifiers have a cool down time system after power off and the plug-in timer stops this from happening and compromises safety and shortens the dehumidifier’s lifespan.
• Seal the boat up the best you can. You don’t want to be dehumidifying the whole of Britain.
• Leave the internal doors open so that the damp air in the boat can migrate towards the dehumidifier and be dried.

Keeping the costs down

• A desiccant dehumidifier has a heater inside it as part of the desiccant regeneration process. The Meaco desiccant dehumidifiers have two heater settings at 330 watts and 650 watts. So by setting the dehumidifier to single fan speed the heater will never go above 330 watts and by selecting a humidity setting of 60%rh you will keep the humidity in the boat sensible but minimise the dehumidifiers running time.
• For those that like to have some background heat in the boat the 330 watts from the desiccant dehumidifier can be seen as an alternative to having a tubular heating on board in winter.
• The dehumidifier will run less if you have the boat sealed, this saves energy as well.
• For those desperate to minimise the dehumidifier’s run time the Meaco DD8L Zambezi is the only desiccant dehumidifier to have Daily Run Timer so it can be set to switch on and off at set times and will shut down safely each time.
• When you do visit the boat clean your filter, this will increase the lifespan of the dehumidifier and will keep it efficient ensuring that your running costs are reduced.

When buying the right product for you, the DD8L Junior would do the job just fine. If you want to restrict the hours of operation then buy the DD8L Zambezi with its Daily Run Timer.

Shop Zambezi: https://bit.ly/2wiWp7i

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Are These the Quietest Dehumidifiers in Britain?

We’re proud to announce the official release of the new MeacoDry ‘ABC’ range of dehumidifiers!

Manufacturers have struggled for years to produce a dehumidifier with low noise levels but without compromising on the product’s performance.  Feedback from our customers

showed there was a clear demand for a dehumidifier that would meet this requirement, especially as they are often placed in hallways and landings around bedrooms, which can affect getting a good night’s sleep and various other health implications, as discussed in previous blogs. The result is the launch of the MeacoDry ABC range.

The new MeacoDry ABC range is the quietest dehumidifier we have ever produced and pushes the boundaries for low noise levels and comfort at night. At just 35 decibels (db) in low fan speed and 40db in high fan speed, it is the quietest dehumidifier in our range, and would probably be the quietest electrical appliance in any home. (Anything below 40dB you are getting into the realms of a whispered conversation or a small computer fan.)  Available in two sizes, 10 or 12 litres, they are small and lightweight and are the simplest dehumidifiers in our range to operate, with easy to use controls and display, and low on energy consumption.  The 10L is suitable for flats and small houses up to three bedrooms and can be used to keep condensation off windows and help dry washing, as well as maintaining a healthier humidity level in the home.

Other features of the range include a child lock, laundry mode, automatic defrost to save energy in lower temperatures and automatic turn off when the tank is full. It is available in five different colours.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Quiet – Meaco’s quietest compressor dehumidifier at just 35dB
  • Energy Efficient – Just 2.4p per hour based on 15.2p/kWh
  • Top Quality – From UK’s leading brand with two-year parts & labour warranty
  • Compact Design  –  Small, lightweight & easily portable throughout the home
  • Wide Range of Choice – 10 or 12 litre model with black, blue, green or silver finish
  • The 10L has a water extraction rate of 10 litres a day at temperatures of 30°C, with the 12L extracting 12 litres a day.


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