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Meaco launches UK TV campaign

Meaco are promoting the benefits of using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity, condensation and damp problems with a series of national TV commercials – have you spotted them?

Starting November 2017 Meaco will be rolling out a £100k advertising campaign to promote and showcase its dehumidifiers through retail, TV and online channels. The campaign aims to show how Meaco dehumidifiers can be used to solve the issues of condensation, damp and mould to create a better environment for the family. The campaign will start with the 12L Low Energy dehumidifier, with the adverts hosted on the following channels: ITV Channels, Comedy Central, Discovery and Food Network, with the potential to expand to Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito and More4.

“As well as supporting our retailers, we are reaching out to families to show that they do not have to put up with damp, mould and condensation issues during the British winter, and that a Meaco dehumidifier can make the home a drier, warmer, healthier and nicer environment for their whole family” commented Chris Michael Director of Meaco talking about the campaign. “Dehumidifiers have not appeared on television for a very, very long time now and we are delighted to be the company to bring them back and lead the way.  This is all part of Meaco’s plan to move the dehumidifier market forward both in terms of innovation and awareness. ”

The TV campaign will highlight the awards Meaco has already received from both Which? and the Good Housekeeping Institute, demonstrating that Meaco is a trusted and quality brand with a proven track record. The commercial for the award winning DD8L Zambezi, Meaco’s newest model, launched in 2016 after three years of intense research and development, will highlight Meaco’s relationship with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. For each sale of a DD8L Zambezi, Meaco donates to the DSWF supported Elephant Orphanage. To date, Meaco have donated over £21,000!


You can watch the Meaco TV advert via Youtube below:

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3d Animation Video for the Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier

The Platinum Range of dehumidifiers is a special range of dehumidifiers from Meaco that are specifically designed to have lower running costs and to save customers money on their electricity bills.

In addition to this the Meaco 12L and the Meaco 20L Low Energy dehumidifiers have HEPA filters to help clean the air which is a massive plus to those that suffer from hayfeaver or other allergies.

We wanted to make a special video to show off all of the features of the dehumidifiers and to explain to customers all of the special features and to see how they work.

So three months of hard work later we have the results, our best video to date I feel.


Meaco 10L dehumidifier animated video

We are always looking for new ways to help our customers understand how a dehumidifier works and how it will help prevent condensation and mould and what they are like to live with.  To try and help customers we have put together a series of videos to take you on a journey inside the dehumidifier so that you can see how the excess moisture in the air is condensed and turned into water in the dehumidifier’s tank.

This particular video looks at the Meaco 10L compressor dehumidifier which was the first dehumidifier to carry the Meaco name and remains our most popular compressor dehumidifier.

Hopefully this video will help you understand dehumidifier’s better and will help you decide which one will be best for you.  If you are still unsure then why not call us on 01483 234900, we are always happy to help.