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Students unsatisfied with damp accommodation – Landlords take action today!

A recent report from Save The Student (a money saving website for students) reveals responses and statistics gathered from over 2000 students regarding their experiences with rented accommodation. The National Student Accommodation Survey details what student accommodation is really like, how much it costs, and what the biggest housing issues are for student renters.

The survey discloses that over half of the students (54%) rent rooms or houses from private landlords and estate agents, and almost every single student tenant (90%) experienced issues with housing. 

35% of students claimed that they have had problems with damp in their accommodation, making it one of the most common causes of aggrievement for student renters. The survey goes into more detail to highlight how 1 in 10 students waits more than a month for a resolution (that includes those who never see their issue fixed) and that only 45% of reported issues are resolved within a week.

New laws affecting student landlords

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act which came into effect today places a greater responsibility on landlords and letting agents to resolve damp and other housing issues. Student tenants now have the right to challenge their landlord with legal action if they fail to rectify reported housing issues. The new Housing Act comes into force, covering private and social renters – as long as they don’t have tenancies longer than seven years – and common areas of buildings are covered as well as individual rooms. It will make landlords more accountable for conditions in their properties, and that they meet certain standards throughout a tenancy.

How to remedy damp in student accommodation

Meaco “ABC” – a perfect remedy for damp in rental properties.

To avoid this becoming an aggravating and potentially expensive issue, preventive measures can be taken to reduce damp and the associated health problems that can arise as a result. Using a Meaco dehumidifier can make a big difference to damp.  The MeacoDry ‘ABC’ range is our quietest model that comes at an affordable price. It’s whisper quiet operating sound makes it perfectly suited for use in a flat or small household, reducing moisture in the air and helping to dry washing indoors (which in a shared student house is often a leading cause of damp). Moreover, this dehumidifier is remarkably energy efficient, costing just 2.45p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh making it cheap to run for the tenants.

If the damp issue is more serious, perhaps structural, then a dehumidifier will help reduce the symptoms of damp whilst remedial repairs are being made.

In summary, a dehumidifier can remedy damp issues making the accommodation more comfortable for students, whilst potentially saving landlords a lot of money in light of the new Housing Act.

To find out more about our full range of home dehumidifiers click here: https://www.meaco.com/dehumidifier


How to choose the right air purifier for hayfever sufferers

Many of us will be jumping in joy at the prospect of Spring, but sunny days and blossoming flowers aren’t enjoyable for everyone. Meteorologists described last months early bloom as “Fragrant February”, declaring that hay fever season had arrived early. When you consider that 2018 saw the UK’s highest reported levels of pollen in a decade, if you or someone in your family suffers with hay fever it might be time to take action to mitigate its effects in the home.

In our last blog we outlined several general tips for hay fever sufferers, one of which was to consider buying an air purifier for the home. Air Purifiers can be highly effective as they remove pollen and other airborne allergy causing irritants such as dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and traffic pollution.

However, people sometimes buy the wrong machine and end up frustrated as it doesn’t do the job it was bought for. We’ve outlined some simple steps to help ensure you choose the right appliance this year:

First Check your Allergy

To select the correct air purifier, you need to know two things; firstly, what you are allergic to and secondly the cubic air volume of the room that you want to clean. This is where air purifier selection normally goes wrong. Most people end up with an air purifier that is too small, and with a filter that does not clean the right allergens from the air. It’s essential for hay fever sufferers to check that the appliance removes pollen. A quality air purifier should remove the airborne irritants illustrated below:

Second Check your Room Size

The more often the air from your room goes through the air purifier each hour the cleaner the air will become. If your hay fever symptoms are mild then three times an hour will be fine, five times an hour will give better results and a factor of seven or eight times an hour should be used if your pollen allergy is severe. In terms of room size the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 can move up to 236m3 of air per hour. The table below gives you an indication of the room sizes that the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 can purify for you:

Number of air changes per hour and room size
3 4 5 6 7 8
CA-HEPA 47×5 78m3 59m3 47m3 39m3 34m3 29m3

To convert from cubic metres to cubic feet multiple the above number by 35.3 (i.e. 119m3 equals 4200ft3).

If your room size is larger than the above then our larger unit the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 would be more appropriate.

Meaco Clean CA HEPA 119×5

British Allergy Foundation approved 

When you have identified an air, purifier check to see if it approved by the British Allergy Foundation. If it is, you be certain that it’s been tried and tested by experts from an impartial charitable organisation on the behalf of allergy sufferers.

Need Further Advice? 

If you have any questions or need further advice about how to alleviate hayfever suffering in the home, please get in touch. Our team have a wealth of experience regarding air purification and would be happy to help. Call us on 01483 234 900 or email: sales@meaco.com.


Why authentic reviews by real customers matter when shopping online

Shopping online can be quick and easy, but sometimes the customer experience doesn’t meet expectations. Before making a purchase a customer needs confidence that the vendor will deliver the goods in the specified time frame, that the product itself will do the job as described, and that in the event of an issue the vendor will resolve the matter in a timely and satisfactory fashion.

This is where credible and authentic online e-commerce Trust brand websites can help online shoppers.

Trusted Shops & Meaco

In 2013, we decided to partner with Trusted Shops, the leading European e-commerce online trust brand. We felt it was very important for our online customers to be able to find out exactly what the latest Meaco customers genuinely thought about our service and our products. Trusted shops carried out an audit of a wide range of our service elements, such as how easy it is for customers to reach us, how we protect and respect customer data, our payment, ordering and delivery processes, plus our warranty and product guarantees. Meaco was subsequently certified by Trusted Shops in March 2013 and champions an overall “Excellent” rating of 4.87 out of 5 from over 800 reviews.  In the last year alone Meaco has received 397 five-star reviews.

We love nothing more than making products that people truly have a great experience in using so to see these reviews brings us a great deal of pleasure.

This positive feedback is a reflection of the consistent hard work of our service team, the quality of our products and having good systems and processes in place. We strive to treat our customers with the same level of service we would expect as consumers.

Have a browse of our Trusted Shops page to see why so many people are recommending Meaco as a trustworthy retailer:



Five dehumidifier facts you must know

With winter right around the corner, we’re proud to announce our new ABC range of dehumidifiers. They’re perfect for keeping your home damp and mould free this winter, so we thought we’d give you 5 dehumidifying facts that you might not know.


They reduce airborne moisture

A dehumidifier reduces the moisture in the air and collects it in a tank. Simply empty the tank when it’s full and the moisture is gone forever. By reducing the airborne moisture levels, it actually increases the rooms temperature. Therefore, dehumidifiers are perfect for anyone who’s looking to keep their heating bills down.


Helps clothes dry & extends food life cycle

By reducing the humidity in your home, it actually helps clothes to dry faster and foods such as bread to last longer. Perfect for those winter days that are lacking enough sun to hang the clothes out to dry on the clothes line, or those Sunday mornings when you’re craving a full English but the bread’s gone stale.


Reduces Rust and Corrosion

Moisture in the air is what leads to rust and corrosion. A dehumidifier fights this and will help to keep your metal goods, such as tools, computers and even furniture rust free. This means lower repair costs and less time cleaning up rust on your beloved items.


Reduces Dust

If you’re like us and you hate dust, a dehumidifier is perfect for you. It’ll reduce the levels of dust floating around your home, giving you more free time to sit back and relax, rather than spend countless hours hoovering.


The Meaco ABC range is cost & energy efficient

The Meaco ABC range of dehumidifiers is extremely energy and cost efficient. Costing just 2.45 pence per hour to run. That means it would cost a mere 58.5 Pence to run for a whole day. Combine this with the fact that the ABC dehumidifier will turn itself off automatically once it detects low levels of moisture.


Want to know more about the Meaco ABC range? Explore our full range of dehumidifiers with the link below!

Explore: https://bit.ly/2AmAr7H


Resources: https://learn.allergyandair.com/dehumidifier-benefits/


Tips to get the most out of an air conditioner

The UK has experienced its driest summer since 1961, with average temperatures of 20.9C. We’ve had one of the hottest summers on record, and it’s set to continue till September. Which is why you should invest in an air conditioner, a much-needed relief from the approaching second heatwave, where temperatures are set to rise to above 30C.

Whether you call it air-con, air con, portable cooling or portable air conditioning, it doesn’t really matter as they all work in the same way.  An air conditioning unit is very simple and in operation is like a refrigerator. The hot air from the room is passed over a cold coil that makes it colder and removes some of the moisture that makes the air feel sticky.

This cooler air is blown back into the room to provide a fresh feeling.

Air from the room is blown over the coil that is now hot, to discharge this heat to the outside via the flexible hose.


Air conditioners are great in the heat – here’s our advice on how to get the most out of them:

Seal the air!

To make the air conditioning unit work as efficiently as possible, it is essential that the hose discharges the hot air to the outside and not back within the room.  To help the air conditioning unit work as hard as possible, keep the room well sealed by closing doors and windows wherever you can.  Blinds will also reduce the amount of heat coming in through windows.

Empty water frequently 

Most of the water collected during the cooling process is evaporated down the hose, but there will always be a small amount that collects into the small reserve tank in the air conditioner.  So occasionally your unit will turn off and will wait for you to empty the tank, which is done by removing a bung at the bottom of the rear of the machine and draining the water away via a hose. Expect to do this more often on humid days and especially when there is thunder in the air.

Prepare in advance

To get the best from a machine try and run it in the room before you need to use the room.  For example, running the air conditioner in a bedroom for a few hours before you go to bed will probably mean that you can turn the air con off when you get into bed.  A much quieter and more satisfactory solution.

Explore the full Meaco range of cooling and air conditioner products and follow us on social for the latest updates –  Twitter and Facebook.