The new MeacoWall Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers are a result of two years’ worth of research and development and many years of listening to customers about what they need and want in a wall mounted dehumidifier.

When you talk to customers the complaints were all fairly consistent.MeacoWall_white_front_right_top

  • Noise level is vital and noisy units are unacceptable
  • Current models are ugly and spoil the look of the space that they are in.
  • Older designs are too bulky and stick out into the room too far
  • Energy consumption is important as electricity costs continue to increase

The new MeacoWall range deals with all of these issues and ticks the box on each one.

Ultra Quiet dehumidifiers

As the name suggest the dehumidifiers are ultra-quiet! If you think that a domestic 10 litre dehumidifier tends to be around 43 decibels and a 20 litre dehumidifier is around 46 decibels then the fact that the 53 litre dehumidifier is quieter at just 44 decibels gives you an idea about how well engineered these dehumidifiers are.  Even the 72 litre version is only 46 decibels, quiet incredible for the amount of water that it extracts from the air.

So low noise level = TICK!

Good Looking Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers can often be ugly but the designers tend to worry more about the practical side of the design rather than the aesthetics. Wall mounted dehumidifiers are often used in domestic and light commercial swimming pool halls and the owners quite rightly do not want a dehumidifier to spoil the look of the space having spent thousands getting it right in the first place.  Premium car storage again often demands something that would not look out of place in a room full of vintage sports cars and why should anyone have to put up with looking at a poorly finished off commercial dehumidifier just because it is practical and easier for the factory to make?!

The MeacoWall range are finished off with a glass front in either white or black with light touch LED controls adding to the flat, smooth finish.  This glass finish is completely unique to the MeacoWall range and provides a real quality to the look of the product that sets it apart from anything else available on the market.

Attractive dehumidifier = TICK!

Nice and Thin

Research shows that wall mounted dehumidifiers tend to be between 320 to 400mm deep and it is a challenge to create a machine that is less than 300mm, this is why there has been nothing on theBlack_Front_right market that thin – until now.

The MeacoWall range is just 202mm deep, a massive percentage difference against what is already available on the market.  Size does matter in these applications and the MeacoWall goes a long way towards the desire for a flat dehumidifier that does not eat up room space.

Thin dehumidifier = TICK!

Low Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is so important to buyers and users these days because although dehumidifiers are very energy efficient (all energy used is returned to the room along with the dry air) the cost of electricity is on the up and makes up a much larger percentage of household and corporate out goings than it did just 6 years ago.  So it is important for the pocket as well as the planet that we design dehumidifiers that use less energy.

At Meaco we are well known with this, we were the first to introduce a low energy range of dehumidifiers and the MeacoWall range follows in the same vein and are also part of the exclusive Platinum range of dehumidifiers.

This is thanks to the DC Motor which helps the dehumidifier in three ways.

  1. The DC Motor reduces energy consumption
  2. The DC Motor reduces noise levels
  3. The DC Motor increases the lifespan of the dehumidifier.

Reduced Running Costs = TICK

We are really proud of the new  MeacoWall Ultra Quiet Dehumidifiers and feel that we have delivered everything that customers have been asking for and more.

If you would like help sizing a dehumidifiers for a wall mounted application then call 01483 234900 and ask for help from our technical team or email us details of your application via


Author: Chris Michael

Chris Michael has been in the humidity business since 1989 and founded Meaco in 1991. Much of his knowledge comes from the numerous years spent working with museums and art galleries across Europe controlling and measuring relative humidity to protect the works of art. He is a regular guest speaker on relative humidity at the British Library and is always happy to pass on his knowledge in a practical way to his customers. Outside of Meaco Chris is married with four children and is very active in the local community, especially through rugby and swimming. Further thoughts can be found on Google+ and Twitter