In The Daily Mail’s latest air purifier review, the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 was highly rated for its efficient speed, scoring 8.5/10.

One of our recent blogs talked about the introduction of an ultra-low emission zone in London, in a bid to tackle the toxic air crisis. We also talked about how it is still important to consider using an air purifier to reduce the harmful effects caused from the long-term exposure to harmful air particles, despite the Government’s laudable attempts to remedy the problem. Writing for the Daily Mail,  journalist Alice Smellie also points out that despite London being one of the first cities in the world to introduce such a zone, what most people don’t realise is that the worst exposure to pollutants can be in a person’s home.

Pollutants are given off from products such as detergents, sprays, burning candles, and log burning fires, all affecting health. But there is a way to clean the air. Sales of air purifiers are booming so Alice set about looking at the newest products on the market, for The Daily Mail’s latest “we try before you buy” series.

Comprehensively tested in a polluted room

Alice created a seriously polluted room — lighting scented candles and incense sticks, burning toast, and wafting around furniture polish and bathroom cleaner, and then put a selection of products through their paces, using air quality monitors to measure how long each air purifier took to return the room to acceptable levels. Air quality monitoring specialist Oyvind Birkenes also helped rate each machine.

The MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 was amongst those tested and came out with a high score of 8.5/10. Oyvind said, “the three filters mean it’s very effective” and Alice’s monitors showed it got pollution levels down in double-quick time.

The full article can be seen here

Meaco has two air purifier models, the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 119×5 SRP £379.99 and MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 SRP £149.99, both ‘state of the art,’ offering a bespoke air purification experience to suit the allergy and room size. Both have received the seal of approval by Allergy UK.

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