The MeacoHeat Motion heaters, as featured in the Valentine’s Gift Guide online at Sloan! magazine, will make a perfect addition to ones home. Don’t get chilly this February! Instead keep warm with the MeacoHeat Motion.


Did you know that the product features a thermal cut out and tilt safety switch to ensure it’s turned off if they are accidentally knocked over? If you are safety-conscious, economical and want a stylish heating solution, this product is a perfect choice.

As seen on TV these MeacoHeat Motion heaters are available in 2 size options, in red, black and white.


Achieve warmth only when you need it. No need to heat rooms that are empty.


The main features:

  • 1.8kW Motion Eye heater
  • Automatically turns on when you are close by
  • Safe PTC heating element
  • Fast warm up, warms you faster than the room
  • For rooms up to circa 55m³
  • Available in white, red or black

Investing in a MeacoHeat Motion activated heater is a great new way to heat your room and save money.  Using the motion detection eye the heater will automatically turn off when their is no more movement in front of it, helping save resources and the environment.

Read the full Sloan! feature here:

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