This month we have launched our new range of humidifiers rather than dehumidifiers called the MeacoMist Standard and the MeacoMist Deluxe.  This is something that we have been working on for a while and we are very proud of the results.

Ultrasonic humidifier for childrens bedrooms

The mist comes out of the top of the humidifier and projects into the room.

Both models are ultrasonic humidifiers which is a very common method of humidification in domestic applications.  We choose ultrasonic humidification because we believe it to be safer than other forms of humidification because the water is not being heated to temperatures where bacteria and germs could pose a risk to health.

Ultrasonic humidifiers work by vibrating two plates together at a very high frequency which turns the water into a fine mist which is then blown into the room.  One of the major problems that we have found with ultrasonic humidifiers that are already on the market is that they do not project the mist far enough into the room and they tend to produce a puddle of water in front of them on the furniture that they are sitting on or leave themselves covered in water.  The MeacoMist range has been carefully designed to get the optimum angle for the release of the mist into the room so that it projects as far as possible away from itself.  Think of throwing a ball, if you get the angle right it will fly further.  This is exactly the same philosophy that has been used for the MeacoMist humidifiers.

The MeacoMist Standard is out entry level humidifier but it definitely out performs most other models at similar price points.  The MeacoMist Standard is a lovely looking piece of equipment and features the optimised mist projection and a very simple and therefore a very easy to use, control panel.

The Standard just has the one button that turns the humidifier on and then allows the user to choose between High or Low humidification.  It really is as simple as that.

The MeacoMist is very suited for use in a child's bedroom

Using ultasonic humidifiers in a child's bedroom is very common to help them sleep when they have a cold.

It has a decent size tank at 5 litres (larger than most other humidifiers) which will last for 13 hours in High mode and a safety cut off for when the tank is empty or if the humidifier gets knocked over.

The biggest problem for most Ultrasonic humidifiers is the scaling up that comes with hard water, those in soft water areas can sit back and jump straight to the next paragraph!  All humidifiers struggle with hard water, it gets into the workings and if ignored coats every surface and creates problems.  All humidifiers come with a filter to take out as much of the limescale as possible but we felt that to make things better for our customers we would include two filters so that when the filter does need replacing then you would have a spare to hand.  There is an easy method to use to check if your filter is coming to the end of it’s life and needs replacing.  Just hold a dark piece of card, material or a small mirror up in the mist and if dandruff like specs start to appear then your filter needs to be changed.

The MeacoMist Standard is a cool mist humidifier which means that the water is not heated before it goes through the humidification process.  It is near silent in operation which makes it very suitable for use in a bedroom.  It consumes just 30 watts worth of power so it is economical to run and is suitable for rooms up to 25 square metres in size which covers most domestic application.

Further details can be found here, if you want to chat about humidification then please feel free to give us a call on 01483 234900.


Author: Chris Michael

Chris Michael has been in the humidity business since 1989 and founded Meaco in 1991. Much of his knowledge comes from the numerous years spent working with museums and art galleries across Europe controlling and measuring relative humidity to protect the works of art. He is a regular guest speaker on relative humidity at the British Library and is always happy to pass on his knowledge in a practical way to his customers. Outside of Meaco Chris is married with four children and is very active in the local community, especially through youth sport. Further thoughts can be found on Google+ and Twitter