Our 10L MeacoDry ABC dehumidifier was recently reviewed by Geekanoids, the UK’s longest running tech reviewing channel. The full video can be found on their YouTube channel here.

Dave, the owner of the Geekanoids channel, described the MeacoDry ABC dehumidifier as “small, lightweight and easy to move around” and “the quality of the product really does add up to a well rounded package”.

The MeacoDryABC comes in a 10 litre model and a 12 litre model, available in green, blue, black, white and silver so you’ll always have a choice when designing your rooms.

The 10L and the 12L cost just 2.45 pence per hour, when run at 15.2p/kWh, making them extremely energy efficient and suitable for all budgets.

The real selling point of the MeacoDry ABC is its noise levels. It is our quietest range of dehumidifiers, coming in at just 35-40 dB, making them perfect for the bedroom as they won’t disrupt your sleep!

To shop for the ABC range, click here.
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