Dehumidifiers are used in a wide range of homes, the idea that they are only used by tenants in rented accommodation is very wide of the mark.  All sorts of homes benefit from a dehumidifier, small,luxurious_magazine_1 large, old and new, it just depends on how much water your lifestyle generates.

The editor of Luxurious magazine understands this and is a fan of the positive benefits that a dehumidifier can bring and he was therefore very keen to try out the DD8L Zambezi when we released it earlier this year.

Unlike some magazine reviewers Paul Godbold was going to be a tough cookie to convince and get a positive review from because he really needed the dehumidifier to be good because he had a genuine requirement for a dehumidifier.

But we have absolute faith in the DD8L Zambezi which has been described in more than one review as probably being the best dehumidifier in the world!  But you can never be sure exactly how these things are going to work out until you actually read the review.

luxurious_magazine_2Luxurious Magazine has one of the largest combined cross-platform audiences in the world in the field of luxury and lifestyle news media. They are the world’s most viewed magazine/publication page on Google+, Europe’s most popular news/media brand and vie for the accolade of the world’s most viewed news resource on that platform. The latest independent numbers published by Google shows that they have achieved in excess of 900 million views on the Google Plus social media platform.

The world of luxury can be very fussy not just about performance but looks and style as well, an area where sometimes you cannot win and you certainly cannot please all of the people, all of the time.

But we are pleased to report that Paul loves the DD8L Zambezi and has written about it in glowing times a couple of times in the magazine over the past couple of months including a second article about Zambezi winning the Which? Best Buy award.


Author: Chris Michael

Chris Michael has been in the humidity business since 1989 and founded Meaco in 1991. Much of his knowledge comes from the numerous years spent working with museums and art galleries across Europe controlling and measuring relative humidity to protect the works of art. He is a regular guest speaker on relative humidity at the British Library and is always happy to pass on his knowledge in a practical way to his customers. Outside of Meaco Chris is married with four children and is very active in the local community, especially through youth sport. Further thoughts can be found on Google+ and Twitter