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What does TTW mean?

I guess that any industry has a tendency to get comfortable with it’s own language and will then start using terms and abbreviations that mean nothing to those that are new to the sector or in our case looking for a swimming pool dehumidifier for the first time. There are lots of abbreviations around the […]

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MicroLight Technology spots burst pipe

Heard an interesting story about the MicroLight technology the other day that threw a new light on just how useful a feature it is. A user has one of the swimming pool dehumidifiers in his conservatory and each morning he has his breakfast and walks past the pool room on his way to work.  Everyday […]

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How energy effecient is your swimming pool dehumidifier?

Lots of people find sourcing the correct swimming pool dehumidifier difficult and confusing.  It is probably not surprising when you consider the financial and emotional investment that goes into building a swimming pool in your home, that you want to make sure that you buy the right thing. It comes as a huge surprise to […]

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Where to position a Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Experience tells us that customers tend to approach buying a swimming pool dehumidifier with a great deal of uncertainty and are unsure what to buy and what is required of them to make sure that the dehumidifier works.  So I thought that with Spatex coming up I would write a few short blogs to try […]

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You cannot use a domestic dehumidifier in a swimming pool hall

Swimming pool dehumidifiers are essential if you are lucky enough to have an indoor pool in the UK because the moisture from the pool will have a devastating effect on the internal structure causing mould to grow wherever there are cold patches and paint to peel away from the walls.  Windows will be covered in […]

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