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Thank you for inventing and selling a fab product

The 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier is different from other compressor dehumidifiers in that it is the first to use DC Invertor technology which makes it a lot, lot more energy efficient than other domestic compressor dehumidifiers. It also has an upper fan speed twice as fast as most other dehumidifiers and the weird thing about […]

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How to size an air purifier

Avoid wasting money on the wrong air purifier About 35% of the population will be affected by one form of allergy or another at some stage in their lives. In children this figure is estimated to be as high as 50%. Many of the causes are airborne. Hay fever is one of the most commonly […]

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Behind the Scenes at Meaco HQ!

Here is our latest video taking you behind the scenes of the Meaco office and giving you a little bit of an insight to our history and what drives us to make the best possible dehumidifiers. Filmed recently at the Meaco offices in Guildford it was a lot of fun to make and I am […]

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Should you buy a desiccant or a compressor dehumidifier?

So many customers call us every day confused about whether they should buy a desiccant or a compressor dehumidifier.  It can be confusing with so many people giving out advice that is either biased towards what they want to sell, outdated advice or simply advice that is just plain wrong. We have been dealing with […]

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Drying clothes in winter the cost effective way

One of the major causes of condensation and mould in the home is drying clothes on radiators or a clothes horse in the winter. As the clothes dry the moisture is released into the air and the air becomes damp, the room air feels colder, condensation forms on windows and mould grows faster. All dehumidifiers […]

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