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Setting the Standard for All Dehumidifiers

I have been involved with dehumidifiers since the late 1980s and therefore my knowledge of dehumidifiers is obviously greater than most other people who have more interesting things to worry about!  The dehumidifier market is not very mature and therefore 80% of those buying dehumidifiers are doing so for the first time and have very […]

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Meaco Dehumidifier Conference 2014

Late spring is the off-season for dehumidifiers in the U.K and the time of year that we plan for the next season.  This year we decided to hold our first ever dehumidifier conference her in Guildford and invited our distributors from across Europe and South Africa to join us for two days of discussion about […]

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New Meaco Dehumidifiers to be launched in Nuremberg

Export is very important to us as a company and we are committed to growth as a company through our overseas markets.  As a continuation of that plan and to support our resellers in Germany we will be at the huge Chillventa 2012 trade fair in Nuremberg between the 9 – 11 October.  You find […]

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Meaco dehumidifiers in Norway

We have been selling into Norway for several years now, to start off with we sold direct to end users and shipped the dehumidifiers across individually via courier.  Then one day a boat owner put us in touch with a friend of his who he thought might be able to help us distribute the dehumidifiers […]

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Meaco dehumidifier sales grow in South Africa

We have been selling dehumidifiers into the South African market via Kovdor Trading since 2009 and have seen dramatic growth ever since. Dehumidifiers are very much a niche product in South Africa with most people unaware of their existence, but people in South Africa do suffer from not only the same sort of problems that we […]

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