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Dehumidifier Sales Up Again for the 7th Year Running

The 2015 winter was a tough one for those of us in the dehumidifier industry because it was so unusually warm, sales in the U.K .of dehumidifiers are driven by cold overnight temperatures which forces condensation to form on people’s windows and this in turn drives sales. Dehumidifier sales in the U.K. seemed to be […]

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Meaco dehumidifiers in Prague

We export to around 25 countries and business is growing steadily across the board.  Last week we gave the example of the nice display in greece, this week we have a new billboard that will appear in Prague central station from March 1st. Nice design that will hopefully bring them lots of success and will […]

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From Greece with Love

Received this image via Twitter today from one of our resellers in Greece – Day4Energy.  Really like it so wanted to share it with everyone.

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Setting the Standard for All Dehumidifiers

I have been involved with dehumidifiers since the late 1980s and therefore my knowledge of dehumidifiers is obviously greater than most other people who have more interesting things to worry about!  The dehumidifier market is not very mature and therefore 80% of those buying dehumidifiers are doing so for the first time and have very […]

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Meaco Dehumidifier Conference 2014

Late spring is the off-season for dehumidifiers in the U.K and the time of year that we plan for the next season.  This year we decided to hold our first ever dehumidifier conference her in Guildford and invited our distributors from across Europe and South Africa to join us for two days of discussion about […]

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