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Humidifiers help models, singers, actors and babies

Humidifiers are used to increase the amount of moisture in the air to help stop ourselves from feeling the side effects of dry air. This would include dry skin, chapped lips, itchy eyes and those electric shocks that you get when you touch something metallic. Although we suffer from cold, damp winters people often turn […]

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Humidifier Video Reveals the Inner Workings

Although we are a damp island there are extended periods of the year where our whether is dry and the relative humidity falls to levels whereby people need humidifiers to help them feel comfortable.  Dry air can cause dry skin, sore throats, static shocks, itchy eyes and chapped lips – all of which can leave […]

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Introducing the MeacoMist Standard Ultrasonic Humidifier

This month we have launched our new range of humidifiers rather than dehumidifiers called the MeacoMist Standard and the MeacoMist Deluxe.  This is something that we have been working on for a while and we are very proud of the results. Both models are ultrasonic humidifiers which is a very common method of humidification in […]

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Dry air in winter causes problems for British households

We are well know for our range of dehumidifiers well we have now introduced our first ever humidifiers, battling dry air by putting moisture into the air. During winter many people find that their skin becomes dry, their eyes itchy and throats feel dry.  This is often because the relative humidity in their home is […]

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Using the Sea Breeze Air Cooler in our office

It is seriously hot this week so we have put our demonstration Sea Breeze air cooler units to good use upstairs in the office and have found them to be a godsend.  So simple, fill them up with water and point them at yourself!  One per person and everyone is happy. Each person can control […]

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