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Choosing the right dehumidifier model

It is widely known that there are many health benefits of running a dehumidifier. It can reduce allergies by getting rid of mould, dust and mildew, thus reducing the risk of itchy eyes, rashes, sneezing and breathing difficulties. However, did you know that dehumidifiers also have great benefits for your home or office and furniture? […]

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Using your dehumidifier during the winter

There are many benefits for both your health, your home and even commercial space that come with using dehumidifiers. Especially in the winter months, dehumidifiers become even more vital as the humidity levels rise and temperatures drop. Although many people associate humidity with the warm summer months, actually the winter months are on average the […]

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Trusted Shops reviews of Meaco Customer Service, Products and Consumer Experience

As we get to the end of our financial year and the end of another dehumidifier season we start to look back at what we have achieved and plan for the next season.  Part of that process is a critical look at how others perceive us so that we can learn from the reviews that […]

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Damp in Basements

As we move into spring sales of dehumidifiers to deal with condensation in the home slow down and we start getting asked for dehumidifiers to deal with other issues, one of the more common requests is for dehumidifiers to deal with damp in basements. Customers with basements complain about musty smells, mould growth, damage to […]

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My dehumidifier does not turn off – is this normal?

This is the most common question that we are getting at the moment.  Phone call after phone call telling us that their dehumidifier never seems to turn off and it is collecting lots and lots of water.  Is this normal people ask us? The answer is yes. The Explanation – Why it’s normal. The dehumidifiers […]

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