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Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidryer – Extraction Rate Data

The Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidryer is by far and away the most energy effecient dehumidifier in our range and is very much deserving of it’s place in our Platinum Range.  For years now we have always tried to bring you as much data as possible about our dehumidifiers in order to try to help educate […]

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How energy effecient is your swimming pool dehumidifier?

Lots of people find sourcing the correct swimming pool dehumidifier difficult and confusing.  It is probably not surprising when you consider the financial and emotional investment that goes into building a swimming pool in your home, that you want to make sure that you buy the right thing. It comes as a huge surprise to […]

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How much does the Meaco 12 Low Energy Dehumidifier cost to run?

We launched the Platinum Range of Low Energy dehumidifiers in January of this year and they have shot up our sales charts and have been a massive success for us.  What customers like is the fact that they are so well built and cost so little to run.  We are constantly looking to publish data […]

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Is your dehumidifier as energy efficient as ours!?

With the new Platinum Range of dehumidifiers we are setting a new benchmark within the industry for energy efficient domestic dehumidifiers.  These dehumidifiers use less electricity than other dehumidifiers and are therefore a more cost effective machine for consumers to be running than both the big name brands and the smaller independents. Our challenge to the industry is to […]

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Cheapest Dehumidifier to Run: The Guide

This will be the question that we get asked most often, both before someone buys a dehumidifier and after they have bought a dehumidifier. The answer, as often is the case in life, is it depends. Is the dehumidifier with the highest wattage the most expensive to run? Well yes, but you need to think […]

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