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The Unique Features on the DD8L Zambezi – Timer+

There are several unique features on Zambezi all of which are a result of listening to customers and designing Zambezi with the customer at the heart of the plans.  We have explained the Sterlising Ioniser and Digital Display already, next we look at the Timer + and Daily Run Timer features. Off Timer Lots of […]

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Independent Video Review for the DD8L Zambezi

There is a website called Fixmyroof which would seem to be an odd name for a website talking about dehumidifiers but Kerry from the website has built up a well deserved reputation for really good video reviews of dehumidifiers.  He probably does this better than anyone else out there at the moment.  So we sent […]

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The Meaco DD8L Zambezi astounded us

Another great review for the new Meaco DD8L Zambezi this time from DehumidifierReviewsHQ who tested a sample back in January. Once again they understood what we were trying to achieve and were not put off by the fact that the control panel is nothing like any other dehumidifier out there.  Instead of the normal buttons […]

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Why the DD8L Zambezi is the People’s Dehumidifier

I have already explained why the new DD8L Zambezi is named after an elephant and why we are supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s conservation work and their elephant orphanage in Zambia. The dehumidifier is packed full of really good features and I am often asked why so many and where did the ideas come […]

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DD8L Zambezi Air Sterlising Ioniser 3D Animation Video

The DD8L Zambezi has a very advanced and very scientific air sterlising ioniser that sterlises the air and kills all sorts of nasties from the air.  It can deal with everything from smells, dust, viruses, bacteria, moulds, through to dust mites.  The science does get quite technical but this neat 3D animation video explains it […]

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