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Child Locks and Meaco Dehumidifiers

A customer called yesterday and asked for a list of all of the dehumidifiers that have Child Locks on them because they only wanted to buy a dehumidifier with a Child Lock because for them that feature was essential. Not a question that we have been asked before but a valid one and I thought […]

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The Unique Features on the DD8L Zambezi – Meaco Control 20+

To keep running costs down dehumidifier owners tend to set the dehumidifier to a low setting, say single fan speed and 60%rh, especially when they are using the dehumidifier in an application whereby they will not be present, for example on a boat, caravan, in a garage or in a holiday home. With Zambezi you can […]

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The Unique Features on the DD8L Zambezi – Turn Me On!

Relative Humidity is very hard to gauge, you cannot feel it if unless it gets to the extremes at the very top or the very bottom of the range – but DD8L Zambezi can! So if you have turned your dehumidifier off and it really should be on because the relative humidity is too high […]

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The Zambezi Timer+ 3D Video

We have created 3d animation videos for all of our dehumidifiers and they are a great way of explaining all of the cool features that we have. This video covers the unique Timer+ on the new Zambezi, another of our World Firsts that make Zambezi agruably the best domestic dehumidifier in the world. Timer+ includes […]

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The Unique Features on the DD8L Zambezi – Laundry+

DD8L Zambezi is full of great features based around how customers use their dehumidifiers, listening to customers and inputting customer’s ideas into the final design. There are several World Firsts on the dehumidifier and one of these is our unique Timer+ facility which makes its debut on Zambezi. One of the major causes of condensation […]

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