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Zambezi in the Press

The new DD8L Zambezi continues to capture the attention with three more press articles in the past week. Sailing Today magazine who in the past have given a Best Buy award to the Meaco DD8L Junior highlighted the intelligence of Zambezi and the usefulness of the Daily Run Timer. American Car Magazine have also featured […]

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The differences between the DD8L and DD8L Zambezi

We get enquiries on a regular basis asking what the differences are between the current DD8L and the new DD8L Zambezi. Although they are both desiccant dehumidifiers the differences are considerable. The DD8L was designed about 8 years ago now so it should come as no surprise to learn that lessons learnt over the years […]

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Drying clothes in winter the cost effective way

One of the major causes of condensation and mould in the home is drying clothes on radiators or a clothes horse in the winter. As the clothes dry the moisture is released into the air and the air becomes damp, the room air feels colder, condensation forms on windows and mould grows faster. All dehumidifiers […]

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Meaco DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier awarded Which? Best Buy

Meaco DD8L Zambezi rated as outstanding, and a brilliant dehumidifier for its rapid water extraction, and energy efficiency. The best dehumidifiers dry rooms quickly without using much energy, are easy to use and are quiet. The Which? review team recently examined the Meaco Zambezi and earnt a Best Buy endorsement. Zambezi is the result of […]

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Amazon Top 100 Reviewer has his say on DD8L Zambezi

Amazon is full of reviews and it seems that everyone is having their say but some post more than others.  I came across Brian Hamilton, an Amazon Super Reviewer who (at the time of writing) has posted over 5100 reviews of products on Amazon (!).  He has done an in depth review of the Meaco DD8L […]

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