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Daily Mail finds it’s niche in Condensation news

Having given the Daily Mail a hard time over it’s poor quality of advice in a consumer condensation article we felt it only fair to promote a condensation article in the paper which is probably closer to the area of expertise that we would expect from a tabloid. So if you want a little less […]

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Daily Mail Condensation article fails to answer all the questions

When we came across a link to an article in the Daily Mail about how to avoid wet windows over the winter we were delighted that this subject, which is so close to our hearts, is getting wider coverage. The article carefully and clearly lays out most of the reasons why condensation forms but then seems […]

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Dehumidifiers – How closing the roof impacts on Wimbledon

The tennis at Wimbledon is one of our nations great traditions, and while the use of the new retractable roof is wonderful for keeping out the rain and ensuring the play remains on schedule, many people don’t realise that it can play havoc on the density of the air inside the new ‘Wimbledon Bubble’. Andy […]

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